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Forgotten password

I am using version 4.5.4 on my iPhone XR with Face ID.  The feature is turned on and working fine but I have forgotten my password so right now I am able to log on but not change my password.  I've tried to do a back of the data but to retrieve the data requires the password and I don't have it.  There is no print option so the only solution I can see is to delete the data and start over or write everything down by hand and re-enter it by hand.  I'm also frozen out of my new iPad because, even though it has face detect that feature was not set up because I don't have the damn password.  I understand that this issue is much easier to deal with in version 5, but there is no way to migrate to that platform without the password.  And round and round it goes... Guess I'll just write everything down and then switch platforms to someone more user friendly. 

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Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no way to reset your mSecure 4 login password. However, since you still have access to mSecure 4 on your device thanks to Touch ID, you can fix this issue by either syncing your mSecure 4 information to another device that has mSecure 3 or 4 or by simply setting up Dropbox syncing in mSecure 4, changing the default cloud sync password, reinstalling mSecure 4 on your device, and setting up Dropbox syncing again in mSecure 4 after you create a new login password. This all might sound complicated, but it should be relatively easy and quick.

Important Note: Please update to mSecure 4.5.4 before continuing

First, use this guide to learn how to set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure 4:

After you set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure 4, make sure to change the cloud sync password. The cloud sync password is set up using your mSecure 4 login password. However, you can always change it to something else.

1. Open and login to mSecure 4

2. Tap the gear icon

3. Tap Sync Setup

4. Tap Dropbox

5. Tap "Change your password"

6. Please exit the settings and go back into the Dropbox settings and tap the Show Password option to confirm that the cloud sync password has changed. This is very important.

7. Uninstall mSecure 4 (if you're using mSecure 5, you'll need to uninstall mSecure 5 first)

8. Install mSecure 4. How to reinstall a previously purchased app:

and follow these steps afterward:

1. Find mSecure 4 on your home screen, and open it

2. After tapping on the “Start” button at the bottom of the Welcome screens, go ahead and set your password

3. Then set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure again to sync back all of your information. You’ll have to use the cloud sync password that you set up initially.

Afterwards, make sure to turn Touch ID on again if you’d like to continue using that feature.Lastly, set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure again to sync back all of your information.

Note: Touch ID and Face ID are interchangable 

I am using mSecure 4.5.4 on an iPad 5, iPhone 6, and an iMac running macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

I want to upgrade to version 5 but I've forgotten the password.

I can access the data on my iPad and iPhone using the  Touch ID, but can't open it on my iMac.

What's the best way to proceed with the upgrade for all three devices?

Hi Iain,

Thank you for contacting us. As long as you have access to all your information on either your iPad, iPhone or both, you will have no problems upgrading. What you will need to do is simply install mSecure 5 on your main iOS device, create an account and perform the upgrade. After the upgrade is complete, you can install mSecure 5 on your other devices, including your Mac, and sign in to the account. After you do that, your data should sync in to the other devices.

Regarding being locked out of mSecure on your Mac, you actually don't even need to worry about that, because mSecure 5 is a different app that is installed alongside the older app.

Were you able to install mSecure 5 on your main iOS device and set up your account Iain?

Hi Mike,

I haven't tried this yet. Does it matter which device I install the upgrade on first? I use my iMac as the 'main device', but that's the one I've lost the password to. Am I OK to install it on that iMac, then sync the data from my iPad and iPhone to the iMac? I  fear overwriting the data on my iPad and iPhone with blank data from the upgrade on the iMac. [I hope I explained that well, it's complicated ...]

Hi Iain,

In the context you find yourself in, it's still the best route to install mSecure 5 and set up the new account on one of your iOS devices. I believe both your iPhone and iPad have all of your information available in their mSecure apps, so it won't matter which device you use. After you create the account and your data is transferred over to mSecure 5, signing in to your account on other devices will not overwrite the data currently stored in the account. When you sign in to the account, if the database is empty, it looks to see if there is data to sync in and then it does so. The process will work like this:

  1. You'll install mSecure 5 on at least one of your iOS devices. You can actually install mSecure 5 on all your devices at this point, just don't sign up for your account yet.
  2. After mSecure is installed, decide which device has all the most complete set of data in the old mSecure app, then open mSecure 5, and choose to create a new account.
  3. During the account setup process, you'll be asked if you would like to migrate your information in from the old app. Tap the option to transfer the data into the new app.
  4. After the account is set up, you should see all your information when you get the main view showing you list of records.
  5. Now, simply sign in to the account on all your other devices, and the data that was just migrated into mSecure on your iOS device will be synced in within about a minute assuming you chose mSecure Cloud syncing during the account setup.

As a side note, the data in the old mSecure app will not be overwritten when you migrate the data into mSecure 5, so even if something strange happened during the account setup, you would still have access to your information in the old app. If that were to happen, you would simply create a new email backup in the old app and restore from it in mSecure 5.

Hi again,

Thanks for this, but I'm still having trouble.

I've downloaded mSecure 5 to my iPad and created a new account. However, when I try to import the data on that device from mSecure 4, it asks me to type in the password [the one I've forgotten]. It doesn't offer the option of using my fingerprint. So I can't import the data.

Any suggestions?


Hi Iain,

I think I may have missed something in my previous response, because in order to migrate your information in any way into mSecure 5, you would need to know your password. I'm sorry that piece of the puzzle slipped my mind in my last response to you.

What we need to do to move forward is get your password changed in mSecure 4. After that, you can make an email backup of your data and restore from that backup in mSecure 5. The process for doing changing your password when it's not known in the old app does take a bit of work, but since you have two iOS devices, it shouldn't be any problem at all. You will need access to a Dropbox account so that you can use Dropbox syncing in mSecure. This gives you access to a second password called the "Remote Sync Password," which is used to protect your data in the cloud. That password is not tied to the password used to unlock the mSecure app, so it give you the ability to change the password to unlock the app.

Before we get started, do you have access to a Dropbox account? 

Hi MIke,

Yes, I do have a Dropbox account.


Ok, that's good news. What you'll need to do first is pick which iOS device has all of your information in it. It could be that both of them are completely up to date, so if that is the case, I would just pick the one that would be considered more of your secondary device.

IMPORTANT: I'm sure this goes without say, but do not delete mSecure from your primary device. It has all your data stored in it, and you can only unlock the app through Touch/Face ID. If it is deleted, you won't be able to access your information. Also, if you have any questions, please ask them before proceeding with any steps. It's best to clearly understand steps before going through them.

Once you have picked your secondary device, go ahead and delete mSecure from it, because that will be the device you will set the new unlock password on. After you have deleted mSecure from that device, follow the instructions in this article to download the old mSecure app from the App Store: Download previous versions from the app stores

Once mSecure 4.5 is downloaded, open the app and set a new password for unlocking the app. This will be the new password you will use in the future for unlocking the app, though you can set whatever password you would like later.

Next, you will need to set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure on your main device, then you can set a remote sync password that will be used in mSecure on your secondary device, which is what ultimately allows you to fix the issue you are experiencing here. You can follow the instructions below.

To set up Dropbox syncing in mSecure on your main device:

  1. Open and unlock mSecure
  2. Tap the gear icon
  3. Tap Sync Setup
  4. Tap Dropbox
  5. Tap Link Dropbox >> After the linking takes place, you should see the words, "Current Password:" with, "tap to show" in blue to the right. If you tap the "tap to show" text, you should see, "<Local Password>". 
  6. Next, tap the "Change Password" button just under the words, "Current Password" 
  7. Enter the password you set for mSecure on your secondary device, and set the same hint
  8. Tap "Set", then wait until you are told that the password has been changed

Anytime you need to know the remote sync password, you can go back into the Dropbox sync settings and check what the password is by tapping the "tap to show" button.

Now you just need to turn on Dropbox syncing in mSecure on the secondary device:

  1. Open and unlock mSecure
  2. Tap the gear icon
  3. Tap Sync Setup
  4. Tap Dropbox
  5. Tap Link Dropbox

After doing that and going back to the main view, you should see your information has synced over from mSecure on your primary device.

Were you able to get through those steps Iain, and did your data sync over to your secondary device after setting up Dropbox syncing? At this point, don't do anything to mSecure on your primary device. I want to be sure everything synced over before moving forward.

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