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mSecure 3 licenses

Dear Support:

I have posted a few months ago about the need to increase/resent mSecure 3 activation.  Is there any follow up to this? I have to  do Windows restore on the machine that I have for the last properly registered mSecure3, so I have to activate again. Basically I am left with no properly activated mSecure 3 now. 

Please reply, Thank you

Steven Chan

Hi Steven,

It looks like you were having activation issues with mSecure 3.5.6. We released 3.5.7 a bit after encountering the 3.5.6 activation issues. Please download mSecure 3.5.7 and you should have no activation issues here:

Dear Eden:

Oh I didn't know that. Yes, I can confirm that fixes the problem.

Thank you and Happy Holidays


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