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Password Change with Update


I recently updated a Windows 7 version of M Secure to a Windows 10 version and used a mism backup file to transfer my information.  When I attempted to log into the newer version of M Secure, the previous version logon did not work and log on hint reverted to an older hint that did not help me remember the password.  How do I correct the issue?

If I have to reinstall the newer version of M Secure, how do I make sure the "correct" password is transferred within the mism file?


Hi Robert,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. I'm not sure I understand your issues here at all. mSecure 5 uses an mSecure account system. mSecure 4 and below use device specific login passwords. mSecure 3 specifically uses database specific login passwords. What do you mean when you say that when you attempted to login into the newer version things aren't working.

What version of mSecure are you trying to use here exactly? Please note that I checked our system and their is no mSecure account for the email address you are using on this website. If you are trying to use mSecure 5, please create an mSecure account to get started. Once you create an account in mSecure 5, you'll be asked if you'd like to migrate your information and you can also always restore from a .msim backup file in mSecure 5:

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