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Ability to choose Types shown in the filters area

I only see a couple of Types below the  Recent line on the main view, and they are not the ones I use the most. I do not want to have to go down to the Types area, click on Show, and then scroll down to see the Type I want to use. It would be nice to be able to select which Types are shown below the Recent line.

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HI Rafael,

Thank you for the feature request. This is actually a few people have asked for. The ability to select the filters or types shown (currently: All, Recents, Logins, Credit Cards, and Secure Notes) is something we are considering. 

I too would like this feature.  It would be great to have a toggle in the  Type settings whether to show on the navigations page or not.  I’ve been using 1Password and like how it always opens up to a list of types, including “All” so it’s quick to filter and find the item of interest.  Overall, I’m really liking mSecure but have gotten use to a couple features in 1Password.

Hi Everyone,

This is a feature on our radar, and it should be added in a future release.

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