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iPhone Record Filtering

I have used mSecure on a daily basis on iPhone, iPad and Mac for years now - my number one recommendation for improving ease of use on the iPhone (and something that isn't on the roadmap) is to improve filtering.

I have hundreds of password records and need to filter quickly to the subsets that I regularly use.

When the app is opened on the iPhone the first few records that start with an A appear - I'made a lot of use of the tagging capability but filtering by tag requires multiple touches.

There are 5 filter icons at the top of the screen - I'd like to be able to use those icons to select my most frequently used tags. I NEVER use the existing icons so they are a waste.

This would appear to be a relatively simple update and would make things much easier - for those that like things the way they are they wouldn't need to change anything and wouldn't lose anything.

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