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I deleted the app (mSecure 4) and now I can't find it

I deleted mSecure 4 app (the one with the light blue icon) from my iPhone because it kept crashing every time I try to open it for 2-3 days.

Then after I deleted it, I looked in App Store and only found mSecure the (dark blue icon). A message appears saying (message in italic):

Please log in to your mSecure Account. If you are new to mSecure or upgrading from mSecure 3 or 4, you will need to create an account now. If you purchased a license from our website, tap Sign In and enter the email address and password you used during the checkout process.

NOTE: By signing up for an mScure account, you are not required to store your personal information in any type of cloud service.

  • When I try to sign up, it says this email is already in use.
  • When I try log in, I put my email and password that I always used in mSecure 4 but it keeps loading forever. It doesn't tell me if it's correct or incorrect.

I am desperate to get this solved.
Please help.


Hi Mohamed,

Thank you for contacting us. I can definitely help you get access to your mSecure 6 account. The problem is, the only way to get the data into the new app is if you have a backup file you can restore from. Since mSecure 4 has been deleted from your device, there is no way for mSecure 6 to import the data that was stored in that app. Do you happen to have a bakcup of your data that was made in mSecure 4 before it was deleted?

For your account, you will need to reset it first, then you'll be able to sign in to it again. It's the only way to access an account when mSecure is not accepting the password you're entering to sign in.

To be clear, resetting your mSecure 6 account will have no effect on your data that you had in mSecure 4. mSecure accounts debuted in mSecure 5, so any versions prior to that didn't tie in to any type of account system. That data was only stored locally on each device the app was installed on. Any changes made to your mSecure account will have absolutely no effect on the information you may have in a backup file.

To reset your account, follow the steps below:

1) Delete mSecure 6 from your device(s)

2) Open this link in your web browser on any device:

3) Enter your email address in the "Email Address" field, then click "START PROCESS"

4) You'll receive an email with information for the account reset. Read that email, then click "RESET ACCOUNT".

5) Enter a new password two times, enter a hint to help you remember the password, then click "RESET ACCOUNT"

6) Install mSecure from the store app on your device - App Store app, Play app, or Microsoft Store app

7) Open the app and move through the screens until you are asked to Sign In or Sign Up for an account

8) Tap the option to Sign In using your account's email and new password you just set

9) Choose which sync feature you would like to use, and continue through the setup process

Were you able to reset your account and get access to mSecure 6 Mohamed?

I did all the steps, but I couldn't sync with the backup file that I have. I have a backup file in my email. So, I put that file in my Dropbox account then selected Dropbox as my sync method, but it didn't take me to browse the file from it after I linked Dropbox with mSecure. Please help me. Also, do I have to now pay again for an account to mSecure 6 after they deactivated mSecure 4?

Now that you have your account reset, you'll have to restore from that bakcup file. You won't be able to sync with it from your Dropbox account.

You can follow these instructions here to restore from the email backup in mSecure 6:

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