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MAC/iPhone synch in -v-6 no longer works

When I had -v- 6.0.3 on both my MAC (Big Sur 11.6.5) and my iPhone (15.4..1) the local (manual) synch worked really well.

Then came the 6.0.4 update for the iPhone version.  This was duly installed and since then wifi synch has ceased to work.  The iPhone version just states that it can not connect to the 'server' (The MAC).  It quotes the correct server name and IP address in 'settings' but will no longer synch.

My phone currently has all the up to date stuff and I can not get it to synch with the MAC any more.

Is it something to do with the 6.0.3. on the MAC and 6.0.4. on the phone ?

How can you download onto your iphone and imac.  I am a new user to m secure--Have on both my desktop and PC laptop but don't how to get to iphone and iPad

@Valerie, you need to download and install  the mSecure app from the App store on your iphone and imac. 

@Chris Thank you for contacting us, and I am sorry for the issue you are experiencing. The 6.0.4 update didn't do anything to change the way Wi-Fi syncing works, so it's not the cause of the problem you're experiencing here. 

In order for Wi-Fi syncing to work, mSecure on your main computer and all client devices must be open AND unlocked. If mSecure is closed on your computer, a connection cannot be made between the client and server, so a sync cannot be performed.

Also, the settings/preferences cannot be open in mSecure on any device. If the settings/preferences are open, the desktop computer is considered to be "busy," and the sync will be aborted.

I'm going to have you turn off all your devices, let them sit for about a minute, then turn them back on. After they have rebooted, start mSecure on your main computer and the client device you are using, unlock the app, then leave them both on the main view. Does a sync take place within about ten seconds?

If a sync doesn't take place within a minute, please run through the instructions in our Wi-Fi sync help article: WiFi Syncing Issues

If syncing is still not working, go ahead and open mSecure's Sync Setting on each device. Make a list of each of the properties displayed in the sync settings and let me know which ones are red, yellow or green.

@Valerie As Noella mentioned, you'll need to download mSecure onto your devices from the App Store app. You can download the app using the links below:

Were you able to download mSecure and get signed in to your account on all of your devices?

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