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cannot get my original secure to work

switched to a trial period with my new computer, had access to all my passwords, when trial expired, I paid the $20 fee, got a key, but cannot reach my passwords

Hi James,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what's happening here, but you should not lose access to your passwords when the Premium trial expires. If that happened, something has gone wrong, because the app is not designed to do that.

I checked your account, and it looks like you are running mSecure on a Mac and iOS device (at least one of each). Are you saying you cannot see your information in mSecure on either device? If so, can you open mSecure on both devices, then look at the left column on Mac and tap the menu icon in the top left on your iPhone? What number do you see to the right of "All Records" on your Mac and to the right of "VAULTS" on your iPhone?

now I cannot log in anymore

I changed my password, & can log in on my Mac computer but not on my phone, no menu bar in left corner on my Mac

all I wanted to do was transfer my original Msecure to my new Mac computer, what a nightmare...

Every time I log in I have to create a new password and/or login as I cannot get into my Msecure

There is no menu icon in the Mac. I pointed you to that in the iOS version that you can't open right now.

If you changed your password on your Mac, you have to enter the old password first on your iPhone. The data stored in the app is encrypted, so you can't use the new password to decrypt the data stored in the app that is encrypted with the old password. What happens when you enter your old password first on your iPhone?

my old password is in Msecure that I cannot access, any other way to get the old password?

It's imperative that I know if there is any mSecure app you can get access to. You can't do anything to fix a password issue if you don't have access to the mSecure app on at least one device. From what you are saying, I can't tell if you are now fully locked out of the app or you still have access to it on one device.

Are you able to open mSecure on your Mac and view your information? If you can view it on your Mac, are you able to unlock the app on that device by entering your password manually, or can you only unlock it by using Touch ID?

I can get on with my Maxc computer but there are no records, all zeros, says my trial has expired, see attached screenshot

Ok, something happened, and I don't know what it is, but you are running mSecure 5 on your Mac. The app can't switch to a trial period if you had paid for it in the past, so whatever happened, it's something I need more information to explain.

You mentioned something about a new computer in your original post. Do you still have access to your old computer, and if so, when you open mSecure on that device, do you see all your information? If you do, please lock the app and take a screenshot of what it looks like for me. That will help see which version you are running on that computer.

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