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mSecure 6 Groups

Guys, my groups are all gone, and my tags have not carried over.

Only 4 records carried over with personal tags-- EVERY OTHER GROUP I CREATED IS GONE.

Will this be fixed or do I need to recreate the groups for all my entries?  

There's like 800 of them, you really screwed me here.

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@Allan I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. If you restore from a backup file from before mSecure 6, make sure the toggle in the Restore dialog is set to "Merge," and then you should not lose any information you added after the v6 update. You can also create a quick backup before you perform the restore in case you're afraid something might go wrong.

To do the restore, open mSecure 6, click the gear icon in the bottom left corner, click "Backups" in the left column, then click the Restore button. Again, make sure the toggle is in the "Merge" position, then locate the backup file and restore it.

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