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Guys, my groups are all gone, and my tags have not carried over.

Only 4 records carried over with personal tags-- EVERY OTHER GROUP I CREATED IS GONE.

Will this be fixed or do I need to recreate the groups for all my entries?  

There's like 800 of them, you really screwed me here.

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1) Are tags here to replace groups or should I expect to pay for that after 30 days?

2) If I'm expected to pay for tag, can you at least restore groups?

3) It doesn't seem like your adding features-- for those of us not wanting to update to a subscription model, it seems more like you're pay-walling EXISTING features.

4) What's a vault?

Guys, this rollout is atrocious for an app that people need for work.  This isn't a layout or 'look and feel' issue-- you messed with out people organized their records.

I had my groups organized by client-- now I have to sift through 50 CRM logins to find the right one-- do you guys understand how bad a screw up this was?

Hi Aaron,

It sounds like you ran in to a bug in the first Windows version, but I'm not sure. It has since been fixed, but it doesn't retrieve the groups when they have already been lost. I can help you with this, but right now it doesn't make sense that any groups were converted to tags. Are you using the Windows version of mSecure?

Tags replace groups, and only two things are different. You can't sort by tags, but we're adding that very soon, and there is no UI for creating/editing tags. If you need to add a tag, you just tap in the field and start typing. If you need to delete a tag, you can remove it from every record, which is very easy to do using the batch editor in the desktop app.

Why does it seem like we're adding features, and what do you mean? There are more features in mSecure 6, even if you only stay an Essentials user. One of the biggest new features for V5 users is the browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. That may not interest you, but it's a huge feature. You also get a OTP field, which has been heavily requested, a much better password generator, filter bar on the main view for iOS, changes to templates on existing records, which is just bringing an old feature back, merge feature for restoring data, updated UI and there are more. Again, you might not want or need many or any of those features, but they're there. If you get a Premium subscription, which I'm guessing you won't, there are many more new features.

A vault is something you can use only if you have a Premium subscription, and it is mostly used for sharing data with other mSecure users. If you would like more info, you can view the help article here: Sharing Center

Well, apparently I'm one of the few who's groups didn't carry over.   I also don't care for how the layout has changed to include an 'upgrade now' for something I've already paid for (especially when it takes that much real estate on the screen).  But don't sweat it, I got your subscription (in exchange for a one-star review).

Ehh, sorry,'re not allone. My groups are gone to and my tags are empty. I am doing a manual workaround now by tagging each item/record to a tag.

I would like to see the "groups"button  or function to return....if possible!

I'm having the same issue with groups. All of my groups are gone. I have one tag with only one record in it. I'm using the windows version and android version. Please help.

I'm fixing mine manually-- I'm not risking a sync error that would further screw up my records.   

@Aaron I'm not sure if you have already fixed up the tags on your records, but I wanted to let you know there is no risk of sync errors if you follow the steps of restoring from a backup. Do you want to try that method? It's very simple.

@Fam.bwthonen Would you like help with retrieving your groups? The only thing you need is a backup of your data made before the mSecure 5 upgrade. You can look at the steps in this support article if you would like to see how the process works.

@Franco I think I understand what's happening here, but I need to be sure. Tags are no placed on a record, instead of records being placed in a group like before. It's really no different the way it functions, but it is a difference. When you say you have one tag with one record in it, are you saying that when you click "Tags" in the left column, you're only seeing one tag listed in the flyout?

@Mike  It's fine-- I will add them myself.   Instead, tell me what I'm paying $14.99 a year for now (I couldn't stand looking at the trial banner, it just pissed me off-- so you guys win).  Can my business partners and family members now use V6 without paying?  Is that what vaults are for?  If so, how many users/family members can I share with now?  

@Aaron We have not added a Family or Teams subscription tier yet, so the Premium subscription is only for your own account. However, that is one of our top priorities for our first feature release. With that subscription, you'll be able to between 5 and 7 accounts, and they'll all be able to sync data between one another. This is what vaults are primarily used for - syncing only select portions of your information with other mSecure users. However, you can also use vaults for grouping your data, though it is simpler to use tags for that task.

Hi Mike, my groups seems to be replaced and look good now...they only are all named tags now, some are double. I will tried to correct that manually.

there still is a problem with syncing on my Android phone, Sams. A51, but i will try to explain that this weekend, ok!?

@Fam It's great to hear you were able to get your groups restored. With regards to the sync problem your talking about, it may be getting caused by a buy we have found in the Android version. We have a new build we're publishing either today or over the weekend, so if you're dealing with that bug, then it should be fixed very soon in

All my groups are gone.  After reading all in this topic, how do I restore from a pre-version 6 backup?   How can I know how many new records will be lost if I restore from a pre-version 6 backup?

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