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Forced upgrading to mSecure6 on Mac OS

I've been a mSecure user for over 10 years and was very satisfied with it until today. 

In July 2021, I bought mSecure5 at 32.99€ to upgrade and I intended to keep it on my iphone and Mac as long as it was compatible with my mac OS and iOS

Today, I've opened mSecure on my laptop : to my unpleasant surprise, mSecure5 has simply disappeared and been replaced by a 30-day trial of mSecure6 - which I don't want to subscribe. 

I've tried to open a ticket with my connexion id and password - the website won't let me nor send me my 'forgotten' password back to my email address.

Like other mSecure users, I am very unhappy with the subscription system. I want to downgrade back to mSecure5. How can I do that ? 

If I can't have my mSecure for mac OS licence back, I will change password manager altogether. I'd rather avoid this radical stance.

Windows 10 user with issues with msecure6. 

The v5 nav system was a step backwards from previous, but I was able to view the group of all my bank accounts through a two-step click on a nav item on the left.  It was clunky, but worked.  Now there's no way that I can see. 

Why is it always the case that a so-called "upgrade" does little in the way of improvement, and usually breaks things that were working just fine?  Can't you improve security without screwing around with the user interface???

@Anne Thank you for contacting us about mSecure 6. I'm not sure if you saw our explanation of how the new business model will work at the bottom of the pre-ship email you received, but if you have purchased an mSecure 5 license, you won't have to sign up for a subscription unless you need one or more of the features offered in the Premium subscription tier. This means you won't lose any functionality when mSecure 6 is released, as you will get access to the Essentials subscription at no cost. There is no radical stance. Does that make sense?

@Mike4 I don't understand what you mean. The nav system in v6 is almost identical as in v5, unless I'm missing something very simple. You still can view all your types and tags with two clicks. If you have records using a certain template, click on Templates in the left column, and you can filter by that template. If you have a tag on records, click the Tags filter, and you will be able to select that tag to see all of those records. It's just like in V5.

mSecure 5 won't open

My mSecure 5 will not open.

@Rhoda I responded to you in the other thread you created. We'll keep our correspondence in that other thread from here on out.

Anne's original question in this thread was simple and I would like to know how to do it as well.

How do I "downgrade" all my copies of mSecure back to V5.

I do not want a subscription

I do not want an annual fee

I am happy I purchased V5 and want to use it without your network connectivity.

I understand you want to make money

If I cannot get rid of this trial and go back to V5 without a subscription - I will delete the software and use an alternative.

Simple question:

HOW DO I DELETE THE V6 TRIAL AND GET MY V5 version back please - without sales pitch thank you.  Warren

Same here! 

I clicked on upgrade on my iMac assuming it was a mSecure V5 upgrade, but it upgraded me to the subscription V6 without asking further questions. Now I am running a 30 V6 day trial on my iMac and V5 on my other devices.  I have no intension to upgrade to the subscription version as the V5 functionality is all I need. V5 does not appear to synchronise with V6. 

1. Do I need to upgrade to V6 on all my devices for synchronisation to work?

2. What happens after the 30 day trial runs out?

I would appreciate a quick response to the above.

@Warren There is no way to downgrade to mSecure 5, as mSecure 6 is a direct upgrade to the old V5 app. There is no sales pitch, because if you have a v5 Pro license, there is nothing to sell you as you get all of the same features in v5 at no cost.

@George mSecure 5 doesn't sync with mSecure 6, so you do need to upgrade to v6 in order for syncing to work. You don't have to sign up for a subscription if you have a v5 Pro license. You aren't losing any features, and you don't have pay for the upgrade. You have a 30 day trial for the Premium features, as should be displayed now in your mSecure Account Settings. If you have a v5 Pro license, you now have an Essentials account, so after the Premium trial expires, you will have Essentials features moving forward.

Hi Mike - thank you for your explanation.  How do I check if I have a mSecure 5 Pro licence - in the about section it has V5.7.2 ?

Hi George,

I was hoping I could check on your license for you, but I tried searching for an account with the email address you use here in the forum, and I wasn't able to find one. However, you should be able to see if you have a license by going to mSecure's Account Settings in any app you're signed in to. You can open mSecure, then click "mSecure > Preferences" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen. Click the "Account" tab, and you'll see your username along with your account type. Does it say you have a Pro account?

Thanks for your response. I have: "Essential Account (Premium Trial Active). Please, advise what happens when the trial expires.

Hi Mike,

I have an Essential Account (Premium Trial Active)  - can you advise what I need to do before the trial expires.

Many thanks


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