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Forced upgrading to mSecure6 on Mac OS

I've been a mSecure user for over 10 years and was very satisfied with it until today. 

In July 2021, I bought mSecure5 at 32.99€ to upgrade and I intended to keep it on my iphone and Mac as long as it was compatible with my mac OS and iOS

Today, I've opened mSecure on my laptop : to my unpleasant surprise, mSecure5 has simply disappeared and been replaced by a 30-day trial of mSecure6 - which I don't want to subscribe. 

I've tried to open a ticket with my connexion id and password - the website won't let me nor send me my 'forgotten' password back to my email address.

Like other mSecure users, I am very unhappy with the subscription system. I want to downgrade back to mSecure5. How can I do that ? 

If I can't have my mSecure for mac OS licence back, I will change password manager altogether. I'd rather avoid this radical stance.

If you have an "Essential Account" you have a trial for the "Premium account" to allow you to see the features that the "Premium" account has.  So unless you want to subscribe to the "Premium" account once the trial expires, I don't believe there is anything for you to do.

Mike indicated that...

"If you have an mSecure 5 license you will receive an Essentials subscription at no additional cost! To learn more, visit our pricing for mSecure 6."

@George As @Noella said, your account is now an Essentials account, so you don't need to do anything before the Premium trial expires. After it expires, you will have access to Essentials features moving forward.

Hi Mike - many thanks for the clarification.

No problem at all @George. Let us know if you need further assistance.

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