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Purchase of mSecure 5 pro not working


I've purchased an upgraded to mSecure 5 Pro but when signing in either on PC or IOS my account still says 'Your Trial period has expired'.

Any help please!

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 I've checked that the email used for purchase, through, is the same as the login details I'm using to sign in.

Hi Darren,

I was in contact with you via email, and I believe this issue is now resolved. Let me know if you are still having problems.

My MSecure does not look the same. I do not like it as I cannot see passwords. Do I still have MSecure pro

@Kay I'm not sure what you mean here. You are showing me a Note record that has your email address, most likely for your Netflix account, in the Notes field. Everything looks as it should, though I'm certain you are thinking there should be a URL and a Password showing for your Netflix account as well. At this point, since nothing looks wrong with the record, I don't know what you are expecting.

Also, I'm assuming you just upgraded from mSecure 4, but I'm not entirely sure. Can you provide me with more information about what is happening? Did you recently upgrade from mSecure 4? If so, did you migrate your data when you created your account or by restoring from a backup you made in mSecure 4? If none of that sounds familiar, how did you create the Netflix Note record? Any information you can provide will be helpful.

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