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I cannot logon to the App or my desktop.  It does not recognize my password even after I did a password reset.  I deleted and re-installed the  ios app and my account came up but I'm still unable to get in.  What could be the problem? 

Hi Flora,

If you actually went through the entire account reset process, there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to sign in to your account. After you perform the reset, you will need to reset mSecure on your devices. That is what will allow you to sign back in to the account and trigger a migration from v4 if that is what you are trying to do.

Here are the instructions for the account reset in case they are needed: Account Reset

When you go through that process, you should enter an email address for the account you would like to reset, then you will receive the first email. In that first email, you will need to click the button that actually starts the reset process. Did you receive both those emails Flora, and what happens now when you delete mSecure 5 from you main iOS device, reinstall it from the App Store app, then try to sign in to the account with the new password?

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