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Unable to log into other devices after password reset

I recently changed my password for Secure on my iPad.  Now, when I try and log n on my desktop, laptop or iPhone, it briefly logs me in, then tells me the password was changed on another device, logs me out, and then won't let me log in with the new password.

I tried changing it back to the old password, and get the same results.

No response from support after submitting a ticket (at least not since yesterday).

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@Todd This is really strange behavior, and aside from maybe the same thing happening with @CJ in this same thread, I haven't run into it before in my testing or with other customers. Can you let me know exactly what you did when you changed your password? Did you do it from inside the mSecure app on your phone, or did you reset your account on our website?

I changed it from within the app on my phone.

@Todd Ok, the next thing we need to do then is see what happens when you reset mSecure on one of your other devices, and then sign back in to the account. Before I have you do this, can you let me know if all your data is up to date in mSecure on your phone?

I have a msecure cloud backup and I emailed a back up

@Todd You shouldn't need a backup of your data, but that, of course, can never hurt. What I'm going to have you do is simply reset mSecure on one of your devices, but that won't have any effect on the data you see in mSecure on your phone. You are able to see all your data in mSecure on your phone, correct? Also, on what types of devices are running mSecure other than on your phone?

Mac and iPad currently. And yes the only thing saving me right now is I can access on my phone.

@Todd Ok, I'm going to have you simply delete mSecure from your iPad, and then reinstall it from the App Store app. Then you can sign back in to your account with your new password.

Find mSecure on your iPad's screen, then long-tap on it and remove it. After it's deleted, open the App Store app, find mSecure, and download it again. After it's installed, go ahead and open the app and sign in to with your email address and your new password.

Were you able to sign in with your new password after reinstalling mSecure?

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