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Unable to log into other devices after password reset

I recently changed my password for Secure on my iPad.  Now, when I try and log n on my desktop, laptop or iPhone, it briefly logs me in, then tells me the password was changed on another device, logs me out, and then won't let me log in with the new password.

I tried changing it back to the old password, and get the same results.

No response from support after submitting a ticket (at least not since yesterday).

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Hi CJ,

Thank you for contacting us, and I’m sorry for the time it has taken to receive a reply from us. We’re backed up in support right now, so response times are significantly higher than normal. I don't know what could be happening here to cause this behavior. I just tested everything between my iPhone and Mac, and it working as it should. I change the password on my iPhone, and then unlock mSecure on my Mac. After I unlock the app on the Mac, it tells me the password was changed, which is correct behavior. After that, I enter the new password, and it unlocks.

When you try to unlock on your iPhone, what happens if you try to use the old password? Does it let you in and then tell you the password has been changed? That should only happen one time, so if it's continuing to happen, something is definitely wrong here.

Also, is the email to your mSecure account the email I can see for this support account?

Did not want to start a new thread because I am having the same issue. I changed the password on my IPHONE but it is not accepted on my IPAD or MAC

Todd, I ended up reverting back to my old password, it was the only way I was able to fix it.

CJ, thanks tried and didn’t work

@CJ It's good to hear back from you. It looks like using the old password worked to get you into the app, but I wanted to make sure you were able to then start using your new password. After you entered your old password, were you told your password was changed on another device, and then were you able to start using the new password?

@Todd When you say you tried what CJ said and it didn't work, what do you mean exactly? When you change your password from the settings of mSecure on one device, you will need to enter the old password in mSecure on the other devices before they will be able to see that the password was changed. It's like this because the data stored locally in each app is encrypted with your password. When you change that password on another device, the encrypted data on the other devices can't be decrypted with the new password, because the account key needs to be updated first. So you have to unlock the other apps with the old password, then the decrypted data can be encrypted with the new password.

First, did you change your password from the Settings of mSecure on your iPhone? If so, what happens when you open mSecure on your iPad and Mac and enter the old password to unlock the app?

I reverted back to my old password and doesn’t work on other devices. Changing the password on my phone caused my ipad and mac to use my old password to login. Once logged in I receive a dialogue box stating my password has been changed on another device. Login with new password. Neither device accepts the password only my phone does (which I initially changed).

Mike no, I was never able to get it to work with a new password.  It’s been a little while now so I don’t remember what steps I had to take but even getting all of my devices to recognize the old password took some time and effort.  

@Todd Everything you described is correct functionality until the part where you said you were not able to use your new password. After you changed the password on your iPhone, mSecure on the other devices will require your old password in order to unlock and decrypt the data stored in the app. After that, it will show you the dialogue box stating your password was changed on another device. The app will close, and then you need to enter the new password.

If the other apps recognize the password was changed, then it should be waiting for the new password. There are no known bugs in this area of the app. Since this version has been in service for well over 4 years, if there were a bug here, it would be known, and it would also be fixed.

When you say only your iPhone accepts the password, can you tell me if you are using Touch or Face ID to unlock mSecure on that device?

Also, what do you mean when you say you reverted back to your old password? Are you saying you changed it back in mSecure on your iPhone?

@CJ You should have no problems changing your password for mSecure. As mentioned before, you would change it first on one device, then you would need to enter the old password to unlock mSecure on the others. After entering the old password, you will be shown a message that your password was changed on another device, after which, you will need to enter the new password to unlock all mSecure apps signed in to that account.

Can you try changing your password again to make sure everything is working correctly?

On my phone I am using face id.

@Todd Are you saying you use Face ID all the time to unlock the app, or are you able to cancel out of the Face ID dialog and enter your password manually to unlock the app on your phone? I need to make sure you are able to manually enter the password you think is working to unlock the mSecure app on your iPhone. To do that, when you open mSecure, look away from your iPhone to make sure your face doesn't get recognized and unlock the app. After about 5 seconds or so, you can look at the screen again, and you should be able to cancel out of the Face ID dialog, and then you can enter your password to unlock mSecure.

Were you able to unlock mSecure with the new password?

Yes I disabled face id and I was able to login on my phone that I changed the password on. Other devices still login with old password notification to use nee password and the new password is not accepted.

@Todd Thank you for the extra information. When you say the other devices still login with the old password, what happens after you enter the old password? mSecure should open, then you should told the password was changed on a different device. Does that happen on all the other devices?

Correct that is what happens. The app locks back to the main sign on screen. Doesn’t matter if I type in or copy and paste the new password it the app states the following screenshot

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