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How to migrate from msecure (old version ) to new versio

I don't have a current save of mSecure as my old PC is broken and I can't use the old application (I have installed IOS 14.6 a week ago). I can't use the old application so I want to know how to buy Msecure 5 (latest version) and migrate my data to Msecure 5. 

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I believe I just answered a different post you created in the forum. We'll continue the discussion in that thread.

I'm afraid of making mistakes

At the moment I am blocked as I cannot use my passwords.

pls tell me the steps that I have to do

You shouldn't have any problems if you follow the instructions in our forum post regarding the iOS 14.5 issues. Here is the link to that post:

If you don't have an mSecure 5 account already, you simply download the app from the App Store app on your iOS device, create an account and then choose the option to migrate from mSecure 4 when asked. If you already have an mSecure 5 account, then you will follow the instructions to reset your account first.

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