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User name and password both print out on each line

With Auto-fill is checked in mSecure 5 for both username and password they both print out on each line.  Frustrating


Hi Lee,

I'm not sure what you are referring to here. Can you provide more information along with an example of what exactly is happening? Once I understand, I can try to offer a solution.


I have filled out the login form provided by mSecure 5 for a website - with URL, User Name, and password .  If I then go to the website desired and click on the user name box mSecure 5 prints out BOTH the user name AND the password on that line in the user name box.  If I then click on the password box of the same website it again prints out BOTH the user name AND the password on that line in the password box.  (I have both the auto fill choices checked in preferences.)

(Would also love to learn how to use your password generator but have to sort this problem out first)


Thank you for the extra information. One of the things I forgot to ask you in my last response is the type of device you are using. I have a feeling it's an Android device, but I have to be sure before I can start troubleshooting. Also, which web browser are you using when you tap in the field to auto-fill your data?

I am using an iPhone 12 pro and I've tried both browsers (Safari and mSecure).  I have the same problem on the iMac where I don't have a choice of browser; presumably the iMac is using Safari

Hi Lee,

Ok, this is making more sense now. For mSecure on Mac, there is no support for browser auto-fill in the current version. However, mSecure 6 is getting released soon, and it will have a Chrome and Firefox extension, and it will also have Password AutoFill support for MacOS. Until then, copy and pasting data is the only way to get the data into a website.

For iOS, mSecure already has iOS Password AutoFill support. In order to use it, you have to do some preliminary set up, which you can learn about here: iOS Password AutoFill

Mike, that’s very helpful; I was trying to make the iMac do something it cannot yet do. The IOS mSecure 5 seems to be working now with the mSecure browser; the secret was paying attention to the line above the keyboard - it’s not just spellcheck. I’m now trying to get the Safari browser & extension to work. If I go to a Safari website and tap the Share icon the mSecure choice doesn’t show in the bottom row of activities/suggestions even after tapping “more” at the end of the line.

Hi Lee,

It's funny you should bring this up, because we just had a conversation about removing this part of the app you are referring to. The thing is, the Password AutoFill feature should be able to handle everything you need for auto-filling data in mSecure. It can auto-fill into both websites and third party apps, so you shouldn't need to look in the Share menu for the mSecure icon. Do you have a specific app or website you were trying to auto-fill your data into by using the Share icon? If so, can you try using the other method instead? If it doesn't work, what app or website are you trying to sign in to?

Mike,  I think I'm catching on and just need to play with the functions a little more.  It really helped to know that I was wasting my time trying to get the iMac to "behave".


It's good to hear you're getting everything to work. Regarding using the Share menu functionality for auto-filling data, please do let me know if you run into issues using that feature, because we are thinking about removing it for v6, since the iOS Password AutoFill feature should fulfill all of that older functionality. 

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