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How do You Restore Your Data from v.4 if Password is in v.4?

There has been discussion about mSecure no longer supporting updates tied to the Iphone 14.5 update and ways to restore your data, but how do you restore this data if your password to mSecure is stored in v.4?

I bought the new version, but I can't restore my password data from the old version because my password is in the old version which I can't access. I have also tried to restore from an email backup from early March, but it too asks for a password which I assume is the same password tied to the old app version.

I have submitted 3 tickets to mSecure with only one reply which didn't provide any help on this issue.

Hi Justin,

mSecure 4 will not receive any updates, as it has not been supported for around two years. Here is a link to a post explaining how to migrate your data into mSecure 5, and it also offers a discount for the upgrade cost:

Unfortunately, if you were using Touch or Face ID and don't know the password for unlocking your mSecure app, there is no way restore the data stored in the app. Without knowing that password, it's not possible to migrate the data from the older app into mSecure 5. Do you by any chance have another device running mSecure on which you can access your data?

Mike, unfortunately I don't have another device running mSecure. How many attempts do I get on entering my password before the account locks?

I am really disappointed that no notice was sent out prior to this IOS update that v.4 would not be supported. I have a lot of passwords in that app.

Hi Justin,

I'm am really sorry to hear about the situation you find yourself in here. Unfortunately, since the older mSecure app doesn't have an account system, we don't have access to our customer's email addresses who are using versions prior to v5, so we aren't able to send out email communication to warn them. The one thing we did try to do was announce that v5 was available from inside v4, but it's possible that window gets closed with an option to not show it again. If we had all of our v4 customer's emails, we would definitely be sending out emails to help prepare for these types of issues.

Regarding the number of times you can enter your password, that depends on what you had the Self-Destruct feature set to in mSecure's Setting. When you enter in a password and it tells you it isn't correct, does it tell you how many times you have left before the data is destroyed?

I had the same issue- now I can no longer access my data...

same here. you guys need to update msecure 4 so we can get our info. this is not right at all.

Unfortunately, mSecure version 4 has not been supported for around three years now. We released our last update for that app back in 9/2017 to address a Dropbox sync issue and provide one last patch for iOS 11 compatibility. After that release, the app was no longer supported, so there won't be any updates to it.

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