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MacOS on Apple new M1 computers

Will a version of mSecure be release in near future for use on the new Apple M1 computer hardware?

I recently installed mSecure 5 on my wife's new Mac BookPro with the M1 processor and Big Surprise (MacOS 11). Works as usual.  No issues. 


With the translation software Apple provides in the new M1 systems, as Burt has confirmed, you should be able to run mSecure on the new Macs right now. Do you have an M1 Mac, and are you experiencing problems?


Thank you very much for chiming in here and confirming mSecure is running on your M1 Mac!

@Mike, it may run on a M1, but that doesn't mean it runs well. I can confirm it indeed works on both a Mac Mini and an Air, both using M1, but the performance is as atrocious as ever... Copying something to the clipboard takes a second or 2/3 and makes the UI freeze (i.e. Mac beach ball) while it's doing that. This was the case on my previous MacBook 13" 2016 under Catalina, too. Under Rosetta 2 absolutely nothing has changed. Currently, after 9+ years of using the software on Windows, Mac and iOS , the only reason I am still using mSecure is because of the pain it would be to transfer everything in an effective way. The fact that performance has been this bad for years and no new features are being added is a sign the software is just on life support and will be milked out until people just stop using it. The debacle surrounding first dropping support for Dropbox sync and then re-adding it when v5 was first launched for many users like me was the beginning of the end of our buy-in. The worst part is I feel bad for having convinced many family members and friends to jump on board of the mSecure train over the years. Your software "works", but that's about it, don't just sit back and enjoy the fact Apple offers the Rosetta 2 translation layer... your users deserve a proper upgrade.


The issue you are referring to here has nothing to do with running on the M1 chip. We have a handful of customers who have run into the issue you are experiencing with the performance when copying data to the clipboard, and while we are not sure what causes it, we do know it's not due to the M1 chip. Like you said, it was happening in Catalina, so it's not unique to hardware running on the new processors.

To clarify, the issue you are referring to is not effecting many of our customers at all, just a few have contacted us. If it affected many of our customers, we would have been able to gather enough information to have already resolved the issue. At this time, we simply don't enough information to know what causes the behavior only in certain contexts. If you have been dealing with the problem for a long time, then it would be very helpful if you would get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can try to help. When you contact us about a specific issue, we get information from you and do troubleshooting that can help us discover the problems that could be causing the behavior you're experiencing. Once we have enough information on the issue, then we can fix it for good. Also, even if we can't fix it and still need to gather more information from other customers, we may at least be able to work-around the problem on your specific devices. That way you at least wouldn't have to deal with the problem any longer.

We are certainly not sitting back and enjoying what Apple is doing so we don't have to address our customers needs. So far as I can tell, @Steve was simply asking if mSecure would run on an M1 chip, which we have confirmed with our own M1 MacBook Air, and @Burt confirmed on his device(s) as well. At this time, we have no reason to believe there are any problems with running mSecure on M1-based Macs. If we knew of such an issue or issues, we would work on fixing them for a future release.

I'm not sure if you are wanting help here, or if you were just wanting to speak your mind about something. If you need help, we are here to assist you.

Not to beat a dead horse, but as a new owner of a M1 chip MBA I too am wondering when an update supporting the new hardware natively will be released?  I prefer not to install/run any applications requiring Rosetta 2 if possible.  I can get by without mSecure on the new laptop but it's not ideal.  

I my be incorrect, but much like Rosetta 1, Rosetta 2 is not something designed to be a permanent solution for developers so they don't have to update their applications.

I'm not exactly sure when mSecure will run natively on the M1 platform, as I don't know what the benefit would be for it to do so. So far as we're aware from our testing, mSecure is running perfectly on the M1 chipset, so our only focus now is getting version 6 released as soon as we can. It may be that v6 will be a native M1 app for that release, but I'm not entirely sure. I can tell you that if there is anything that comes up that were to cause any type of issue when running on newer Macs, we would fix it and release a new version as quickly as possible.

From my perspective as an end user, the main benefit would be not having to run additional emulation software that can negatively impacts performance/battery.  Even if it's not a huge amount, it's a piece of software that is provided to ease the transition to newer chipset for developers and users alike.   Since in my case I'm like 98% there  I am trying to hold out on installing/using Rosetta 2.

Obviously, I'm just an end user of your product, I've gotten/get what I paid for, but it would be nice if it were updated to support the latest hardware on Macs.

From Apple:

"Rosetta is a translation process that allows users to run apps that contain x86_64 instructions on Apple silicon. Rosetta is meant to ease the transition to Apple silicon, giving you time to create a universal binary for your app. It is not a substitute for creating a native version of your app."

Click here for Source

Thank you for the extra information and feedback. I was able to talk with our developer about this, and he let me know that mSecure 6, which is not yet released, is already running natively in M1 contexts without the need for Rosetta. We are nearly ready for our first beta release, so it will be available to the public soon.

That's great to hear, I look forward to it's release!!

Thanks for following up.

No problem at all, and take care!

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