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Error sync with a new Iphone

Hi...I sold my android phone (a recent Samsung S10+) and I bought an iphone 11 but when I login on the iphone with my account I don't see all the passwords that I had on the samsung (and which, fortunately, I still see on the windows application) can i solve? Please help me

Hi Costantino,

Thank you for contacting us. The good news here is that you have access to your information on your PC. Real quick, can you tell me which version of mSecure you are running on your computer? If it's the older 3.5 version of the app, you will need to go through the upgrade to version 5 in order to get both devices syncing again.

May I ask the OP a question? I recall this happening to me once. Check 2 things: be sure the star /favorites filter toggle isn’t selected. If so, unselect and all will reappear. Also check your filter in the groups menu, and check the alpha letter isn’t grouped (arrow points right instead of down). Click on the letter and it will ungrouo and you will see those. Repeat for any other letters grouped. It only happened once so I didn’t question the why. I happened to see the star at the time and saw the cause.

Thank you for helping out here Pamalam! Constantino, if you still need help here, please let us know.

Two syncs showed no data. Touching the star during sync showed some starred entries (duh) and touching it again showed everything. This is the solution to a glitch.

Hi Kevin,

I'm not sure what you mean here. The star icon simply applies the favorites filter which only allows favorited records to be displayed in the main view. That has nothing to do with syncing. What glitch are you referring to?

after deleting, reinstalling the app and syncing the app a bunch of times I always had no visible contacts. Then, during a sync I touched the star and 3 starred contacts appeared. Touched it again and all my contacts were visible. some kinda quirk. So, Ive struggled for a few months but that is how I just got to see my contacts. Usually they are automatically visible after a 1st sync on a new phone, right? It is working now. so I'm good. Thank you for trying to help.

Hi Kevin,

I see what you're saying now, and thank you for the extra details. I don't know what happened where your data was not visible and then it was after you enabled and disabled the favorites filter. That definitely should not have happened and does sound like a glitch. To be sure, I just tested signing in to my account on my iPhone, and everything worked as it should. After signing in, the sync indicator was showing at the bottom of the screen, and after awhile, my data synced in and showed up as it should.

One thing to mention, it can take some time for all of the data to sync in on a fresh install. It looks like you have a significant amount of data stored in mSecure, so it could have taken well over a minute for the data to sync in. Do you remember if you saw the sync indicator at the bottom of the screen telling you that a sync was taking place?

Hi Mike. I did wait at least a few minutes during one of the syncs while I worked on a different computer. It's been a few days but yes, I think there was a sort of "effervescent" dots or something bubbling to indicate something was happening. However, I'm not sure at this point cuz its been so long. Sorry.  It's a bit of a puzzle. Even the fix made no sense. I just got lucky, really. I like mSecure so I'm glad I got it onto my phone again. Take care, Mike.

You take care as well Kevin! I'm nearly certain this was just a glitch, as I'm not seeing it in testing and other customers aren't reporting the same issue. As always though, if you run into any problems, please contact us here on the forum or via email at "", and we'll do everything we can to help!

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