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Hi, any chance will see the following added to mSecure?

1 - Cryptocurrency Templates & Icons

2 - Linux (I'm using Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia)

3 - Support for 2WA (YubiKey from

I switched to Linux few months ago because of security & control over the OS, now just missing my mSecure

Really hope you guys add more features

Thanks again for the awesome app

Hi Pascal,

Thank you for contacting us. We do not currently have plans to add a default cryptocurrency template, but mSecure already allows you to create any kind of record type (record template) you would like. Unfortunately, we do not use cryptocurrency ourselves so I'm not sure if we are missing a field type that you need in order to create a cryptocurrency template.

mSecure has this field types:

  1. Text Field
  2. Text Filed (No auto-correct)
  3. URL field
  4. Alpha-Numeric field
  5. Phone number field
  6. Email field
  7. Number field
  8. Username field
  9. Password field (masked by default)
  10. Sensitive number filed (masked by default)
  11. Date field
  12. Month/year field
  13. Credit Card field (masked by default)

Our password field can be used for any sensitive characters you use. Do you think we're missing a field type that you need in order to create your own cryptocurrency template? We do not currently have plans to add more default icons. Unfortunately, that means that the icons you can select for your record types is a bit limited. However, you can use custom icons and cloud icons for individual records in mSecure.

We do not have any plans to release a Linux version at this time. However, we are looking into providing these extra security measures in the near future:

  1. Device sign in notification
  2. Device management options
  3. Two Factor authentication

I'm note sure at this time if we will include YubiKey support though.

Also wish for linux support, also using linux mint 18.3

Msecure v5.x only downloads through microsoft store, already a challenge to trying to run it in linux WINE.  I am running v3.5.2 on WINE, but  it's no good, as it doesn't play well with the v5.x database which I use to sync all my devices.

Might just have to find a manager which supports all platforms.

Really hope you do add Yubikey. It will make your application crazy secure to insanly secure.

Some of the cool features of Yubikey are

Here's a list of Password Management that's using it:

Here's the link if you do decide to add the feature (Free & Open Source):

You can download/install the little tool from:

and you can use as a Google/Microsoft Authenticator but on your OS (Windows/Mac/Linux).

You can set it that, it will only work if you click the Yubiko.  It could make mSecure even more secure.


Cryptocurrency Details

Cryptocurrency Fields

Public Key: Show like a Username

Private Key: Hide like a Password but set with a PIN to view and/or edit.

Mnemonic: Hide like a Password but set with a PIN to view and/or edit.

Option to Attach a File like wallet.dat or wallet.bin to it so they are secure:  Hide like a Password but set with a PIN to view and/or edit.

Those are just example of what should be added if you do decide in the future to add it.


Linux details can be found here if needed in a far far future:

Thanks again for the reply

Thank you for all this information. About the cryptocurrency fields. It sounds like we already have the fields needed? We don't currently have any feature that makes the field editable or view-able with a PIN because the unlocking of mSecure assumes you have the proper permissions to view/edit anything in the app. We have options to make the auto-lock option be immediate if needed. Thankfully, we are looking into allow all file types to be attached in mSecure records as well so you would also be able to save the wallet.dat and(or) wallet.bin files as well in the future. 

YubiKey support is also something we are strongly considering. However, our additional security option will take a while to fully implement.

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