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2FA or yubikey support


First of all I'm very happy with the product and have been for quite a while. I was wondering if any support for 2FA will be added in the near future? Specifically yubikey as an extra layer on top of your masterpassword.



Hi Rob,

Thank you for contacting us. We not only use an account password, but also use a device created random account key as well. We require customers to save and keep a hold of this account key and customers need to authenticate the account key in order to sign in to their accounts. You can read more about our security model here:

That said, yes, we are looking into additional security and are looking into Two Factor authentication and different types to offer in the future. However, there is not set plan for when and what types of Two Factor authentication will be offered in the future.

Totally Support the initial comment / has there been any update on two-factor authentication? Thanks Jason

Hi Jason,

Our app works differently than other apps that support two-factor authentication since you don't have to sign in to your mSecure account each time you want to use the app. We also do provide a second factor authentication via your account key authentication. Currently, we do have plans to add additional two factor authentication options in the future. However, we do not have a timeline at the moment for the additional two factor authentication options.

I second Jason/Rob about incorporating 2FA into mSecure.     I hope we can see it sooner than later.    

I would like to see something like Authy, Google Authenticator, WinAuth, incorporated into Msecure so that 2FA keycodes can be stored inside the MSecure app. That would make it more usable for me. I love the app and have been using it since v3 but the lack of the 2FA utility within the app is an annoyance. 

Its not so that I can use 2fa to login to the MSecure app but so that I can store 2FA Google Authenticator compatible keycode algorithm results in the msecure app. 

Hello everyone. To reiterate our response from about a year ago, 2FA is on our radar. While we don't have plans for implementing it in the first release of mSecure 6, it's possible it will be added in a 6.0.X or 6.X release later.

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