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How do I change my HINT?

When my hint appears, it actually shows my password!

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Hi Miriam,

The reason this is happening is because you entered your actual password into the hint field when you set the password. The only way to fix this is to change your password. To do that, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Due to a bug we will be fixing soon, you'll need to change your iOS device to dark mode in order to be able to see all of the fields when going through the steps below
  2. Open mSecure, and tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines)
  3. Tap Settings
  4. In the Settings screen, tap Change Password
  5. Set a new password, or use the same password you are using now
  6. After you have entered the password 2 times, tap into the hint field and set a hint without entering your password again

Were you able to change your hint?

I also have this issue and I most definitely did NOT enter my password as the hint. I changed my password only in January this year and I noticed this for the first time today. I have followed the above but could not reuse my existing password (it said my new password had to be different). This is a very huge worry given mSecure is specifically a platform for secure password storage! That is a very bad - some might say business killing - bug you have launched. Is that bug fixed? Because I really don’t think it is!!

Hi Leanne,

It is not possible for mSecure to enter your password for your hint. You cannot even save the new password you enter two times unless you enter a hint yourself, and mSecure does not transpose any of the data you enter for your hint into the hint textfield. It is not a bug in the app.

If you would like to go through the steps I wrote out above in response to Miriam, that will fix the issue.

You can’t change the hint unless you change the password.  Re-entering the same password isn’t allowed.

@Rochelle The only way to change your hint at this time is to go through the password change process. However, you should not have any problems setting the same password. Can you let me know on which device you trying to change the password so I can test this?

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