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Changing Email Associated with Account

Good Morning - the email I used to create my account I can no longer access.  

1.  If I update the email on my account will it require a verification on the old email that i can no longer access?

2.  My used name is the old email - I am sure that will be fine to stay as the user name but please advise.  

I did not want to make any changes without asking for fear of losing all my data

Hi Lin,

Thank you for contacting us. At times there are emails sent out from the app, and if you don't have access to the email address, then you won't receive those emails, so it would definitely be best to update the email address for your mSecure account. This is very easy to do in the Account Settings of the app, and it will have no effect on your data. Did you find the place where you can change the email address, or do you need help with that?

I want to change our email address

How can I change our email address.

When I go into profile it won’t change that.

Hi Christine,

What happens when you try to change your email address? When you say it won't change it, what actually happens? Do you see an error message, and if so, what does the message tell you?

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