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Need to speak with somebody urgently

Need to speak with somebody
Need to speak with somebody in technical support urgently

What do you need Fabian? We don't offer telephone support right now, but I can help you here in the forum.

I have a paid version but lost & forgot my password. Tried multiple times to reset but failed.

@Ferdinand I checked your account, and you do have a v5 Pro license. The problem here is that I think you are trying to sign in to an mSecure app either on a new device or after the app was freshly installed for some reason. If you are setting up the app for the first time after installing it, you have to know the password, and it cannot be reset without fully resetting your account. However, if you have access to any version of mSecure on at least one device, you should be in good shape.

Are you completely locked out of mSecure on all your devices?

Yes, I’m completely locked out on all of my devices since I reset my settings back to factory default settings & forgot my password to log back in

@Ferdinand Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do in these types of situations. mSeven Software doesn't acquire our customer's password or their data (in any readable form), so there's no way we can help you with access to your account or retrieve your information. In this case, even if you have a backup of your data from before your device was reset, the backup would be protected with the password you are not able to remember, so the data would not be able to be restored. I'm sorry I don't have better new here.

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