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mSecure hangs when unlocking (no method to unlock worked)

Hi, I just submitted a ticket on an mSecure 6 failure to log in (unlock) with any method. Got a hang notice after a spinning color beachball. I submitted the report to Apple and to you, hopefully you participate in Analytics feedback?

My successful workaround was to restart in Safe Mode *Safe Boot" and try it there. It worked fine. So I boot in normally and tried it again, where it worked fine. Suspecting the preference somehow got bollixed up. Hopefully you can find this based on previous reports. Is your app  tested against Mac 12.4 now in beta?. 

Hi Henry,

Thank you for posting this work-around. We have a couple of different issues causing crashes for a handful of customers, and we hope to have them fixed very soon as we have been gathering crash logs and working logging builds. With regards to macOS 12.4, we don't usually test against major OS betas until the release further along in the process.

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