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can't retrieve my old info


my old phone was broken and when i got a new one and logged into my msecure my info off my old phone was no longer on my msecure

Hi Rory,

Do you remember which version of mSecure you were running on your old phone? Was the app icon a bright blue color, or was it a really dark blue...almost black? Also, do you still have access to your old phone by chance?

I had msecure 5 and I do have access to my old phone but it has been factory reset

Were you able to sign in to your account on your new phone without any problems? Also, if you are using your @hotmail mSecure account, do you have a Windows computer running mSecure 5 now? If so, are you able to see your information in mSecure on your PC?

My issue is similar to the above transfer from old phone to new.  Old phone is useless(dead)  I should be able to get it from the cloud on my laptop.  I always used my phone prior to this issue.

Can't seem to get to the info.

@Jon You can get your data from the cloud as long as you are able to sign in to your account. From the email correspondence I see you are having with Nick, you aren't able to sign in to your account because you don't have your QR code, which is necessary for authenticating you as the owner of your account. If you had been running mSecure on laptop, you would have been able to get your QR code from that device. However, I just checked your account, and there is no other device other than an Android device signed in to your account. In the end, you have to be able to be authenticated as the owner of your account in order to sign in to it. It's the way the security works, and it's for all of our user's benefit.

The only thing you can do here is try to find your QR code. It was sent to your email when you first set up the mSecure app back in September of 2019. Please open your email app and look for any emails that contain "mSecure Account QR Code" in them, or you can search more generally for emails with "mSecure" in them. Be sure you search ALL your folders, including your spam and trash folders, because it could be anywhere in your email system.

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