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Account Sharing

Is it possible to share my MSecure passwords with other family members?

Hi Paul,

You can download mSecure onto other devices, and then share your data with your family members. However, that would mean they would be able to see all of the data you store in mSecure. In mSecure 5, there is no way to share only certain sets of data and not others. In mSecure 6, however, we are introducing cross-account sharing, so it will be possible that version of the app.

Hi Mike, thanks for your reply. I’m happy to share my data with my wife. Does she need to download the MSecure5 App & use my login details?

Hi Paul,

In that case, all she needs to do is sign in to your account in the mSecure 5 app on her devices. It's possible she'll need to authenticate using the QR code you would have received when you originally set up your account. In that case, you can use this article for pointers on how to do that: Set up and authenticate your mSecure account

Hi Mike, that’s great thanks for your help

No problem at all Paul! Let me know should you need further assistance.

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