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migrating data from msecure to msecure5?

Is it my Understanding that if I deleted my Msecure  from my phone that my data is now lost?  In the past with an app I could delete and reinstall and it would automatically be updated.  If this is the case how is a customer to know that the app is no longer available ahead of time.  How is a customer to know there is a whole new version of the app?

Christian B

Hi Christian,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing after the recent iOS update. When apps are tied into an account system, or the data stored in them is synced to some type of cloud service, it's usually no problem to reinstall them. For mSecure 4, there was no account system, and the data was only stored locally unless you used one of the cloud sync feature, either Dropbox or iCloud syncing. If a cloud sync feature was not used, the data is only stored on the device, and if the app is deleted, so is that data. In that case, the only way to retrieve the data is through a backup made prior to the app deletion.

With regards to what is happening the old mSecure app with recent iOS updates, the information below should help explain the situation.

Unfortunately, mSecure 4 is no longer supported, so there won't be any updates to that version of the app. The problem is, at some point in time, older, unsupported apps always run into issues like this, which is why developers have to provide an option so that it doesn't happen. mSecure 5 is that option, as it is the update to mSecure 4 that keeps what's happening in iOS 14.5 and 14.6 from taking place.

In the older version of the app, we implemented an advertisement for mSecure 5, and that was to let our users know that the app was available and that they could upgrade at any time. Along with that advertisement, we provided an option to close it and not show it again in the future. We are finding that a lot of customers have used that option, so they aren't seeing the ad any longer. The problem is, we have no way of contacting our older customers, because the older app doesn't have an account system. Without an account system, we don't have their email addresses. If we did have their emails, we would be communicating with them to provide some explanation on what is currently happening after the recent updates to iOS, to tell them what we're doing to help, and to let them know about the backup in support which is leading to long wait times in receiving responses from our support team.

However, the issue brought about by recent iOS updates are a different story altogether. On all our company test devices, we have still not encountered the issue you and other customers are experiencing, which, though there are a lot of people who have experienced the problem, is actually a very small percentage of our overall customer base. Even had we been able to contact our users via email, we wouldn't have done so before the iOS 14.5 update, because we never knew it would cause this problem. And Apple doesn't send developers notifications that this type of behavior will occur, so there was no way for us to know ahead of time.

Moving forward, we still aren't able to tell for sure the next iOS update will cause the upgrade message to appear. Our developer has even tested on the first beta release of iOS 15, and the old mSecure app runs without any problems. In short, at this time, we do not know what is causing the issue for the old, unsupported mSecure app, but we have provided a solution with the mSecure 5 app.

Ok, maybe I missed it but is there a easy way to migrate MSecure 4 data to MSecure 5 ?

@Bart There is an easy way to migrate. As long as you were running mSecure 4.5.4 on your iOS device, you should be able to simply download mSecure 5, create a new account (accounts did not exist in mSecure 4), and after you choose a sync feature, you should be asked if you would like to import your mSecure 4 data. If you try to follow those steps, please tell me specifically what goes wrong, and I should be able to help.

I work for the IT dept of my organization and there is someone here that is asking me for assistance with this app on their iphone. I am not very familiar since I have not used it before but from what I can see it looks like he had the older app on his phone and then he tried to login on the new app. His pwd was working on the new one at first but now he cannot get in. I am not really sure when all of this was initially setup. All I know is that his login is not working, he cannot transfer his info from his old account to his new one. Is there something that we can do to trigger the information to transfer over to the new version and make sure it is being backed up? 

Hi Marisela,

I'm not sure what happens with the password, but if mSecure isn't accepting it, it just means the data stored in the app couldn't be successfully decrypted with the password being entered. However, I think this will be no problem at all, because if they were using the older mSecure app, their data is all there. They will just need to reset their mSecure 5 account.

In order to migrate your information into mSecure 5, your account has to be in a fresh state. This means you will need to reset your account before you try to sign in to mSecure 5 on the same device mSecure 4 is installed. After the account is reset, the migration will be triggered as you go through the sign in process in mSecure 5.

The first step is to simply delete mSecure 5 from all your devices, and if you have a Mac computer signed in to this account, stop here and let me know before proceeding. IMPORTANT: mSecure 5 has to be completely reset on ALL your devices. If this is not done, it can lead to very bad consequences.

After you have deleted the app from all your devices, follow the steps in this support article to reset your account:

Next, reinstall mSecure 5 from the App Store app, then sign in to your account using your account's Username (email address) and the new password you just set. After you choose which sync feature you would like to use, you should see the screen asking if you would like to import your data in from mSecure 4.

IMPORTANT: Do not delete the old mSecure 4 app from your device. If that is done, the data stored in the app will be lost. Also, your mSecure 4 data is not connected to your mSecure 5 account in any way, so performing the account reset will have no effect on the data stored in the old app.

After reading multiple posts on migrating from m4.something to m5, I cannot get a clear answer as to how get this done.  When I found out that m4 wasn't working, I downloaded and installed m5 and created an account......on the same device that the m4 is (iPhone8).  During the setup, I was not given the option to migrate the data from m4 to m5.  Since I had just created an account in m5, why would I need for it to be in a "fresh state"?  Wasn't it considered a "fresh state" because it was a newly created account?

Since I cannot access the m4 app, I don't know the exact version.....4.something is all I know.  I have not deleted this app and fear that doing anything will jeopardize this critical data.

Also, I have downloaded the m5 app on my MacBook Air.  Do I need to delete it there before starting over again?

What is it going to take for me to get my data migrated over the the newer version, m5?

Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

@Susie Please email me at and add "Attention Mike: No Migration" for the subject. This particular issue is much easier to work through via email, as I'll inevitably need to get some personal information from you. Let me know here when you have sent the email, and I'll respond as soon as I see it.

Mike, I just emailed you.


@Susie Thank you for the update. We'll keep the correspondence via email from here on out.

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