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Cannot log into secure on new computer

I am using msecure 5 on a macbook and iPhone.  I want to use secure on a new iMac but cannot log into my account or get msecure to work on the new desktop.  It will not accept my password which works on all my other devices.

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I can't get there I can't get far enough to do what you are asking
Don't need to read instructions that go in a circle. I can't get past the login screen. If I try to register or tells me email already exist but will not let me go anything else. You keep sending the same info but I cant get there.

You should not be trying to open the mSecure 5 app right now...that's not what the instructions are telling you! You actually need to delete the mSecure app on the iOS device that is showing you the message. You can't go forward until you delete the app and reset the mSecure account. The instructions are NOT taking you in circles.

Here, this is what you need to do step by step:

  1. On the iOS device showing you the message to update mSecure, delete the mSecure 5 app. IMPORTANT: Do not try to open it again, because it cannot be opened until the account you are trying to sign in to is reset.
  2. Go through the steps at the bottom of this article that tell you how to reset your mSecure account:

I'm only going to have you go through those two steps, because if that is not done, you cannot move forward. After you do that, let me know, and I will need to check your account before we go any further.

Got it thanks

@Jonesg0673 Were you able to migrate your information?

Yes that part went fine

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