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Upgrade from 3.5.6

I have 3.5.6.  I now have an iPhone.  I got msecure for android and have used it for years.  I now have to use the iPhone app.  How do I upgrade without loosing all my passwords/data? 

Hi Mark,

As long as you have all of your data still accessible in mSecure on your Android, or you made a backup and moved it off that device before turning it in, you should be able to get your information over to mSecure on your iPhone. However, the older version of mSecure is no longer available for purchase, so the only option is to use the newer mSecure app to do this.

First, do you still have your old Android phone, and are you able to open and unlock mSecure to view your information? If not, did you make a backup of your data and store it somewhere you now have access to?

Second, have you downloaded mSecure 5 onto your new iPhone, and if so, did you create a new account? You will need to create an account if you haven't yet used mSecure 5, because the old app is not connected to the new app in any way.

Mike, thank you for the reply. Yes I do have my old android for another 10ish days, I can access it etc. and it is backed up on my computer.   Also I have downloaded mSecure5 as a windows App and it is running on my PC.   I also have a mSecure5 login and password. I'm on day 29 of my free trial.  There is no import menu option.  So... I'm at a standstill.  Thanks again for your help. 

No problem at all Scott! The import options for mSecure 5 are in the Settings of the app rather than in the menu bar for the app as it was in the older version of mSecure. However, the easiest way to go about transferring your data would be to do it all on your Android device. You can do it on your PC, but you would have to make a backup on your old phone, then transfer that backup to your PC either through a cloud server or by email, then you would be able to download the backup onto your PC and restore from it in mSecure 5.

Alternatively, if you were to simply install mSecure 5 on your old Android device, sign in to your account, then you could make the backup from the old app and restore your data all on that device. After the data is restored in mSecure 5 on one device, it will sync over to all devices running mSecure 5 and signed in to your account. To go that route, you can follow the instructions in this article:

The first step will be to download mSecure 5 onto your old phone and sign in to the same account you created in mSecure on your PC. When it gets to the point where you have to authenticate when you're signing in, you can scan the QR code in the Authentication Email your received, or you can open the Account Settings in mSecure on your PC and reveal the QR code there.

Were you able to get your data transferred to mSecure 5 Mark? If not, where did things go wrong?

Hi Mike, So... I downloaded mSecure 5 on my android.  Did a back up on my droid GS9 mSecure ver and it was saved on the phone's zonewalker-acar directory. I can see it there via file explorer.  On droid in mSecure5 I go into settings, restore and there is no file to chose.  On the PC, I did a back up from PC mSecure for windows ver 3.5.6 (rev. 922) and saved it to my desktop.  I opened the PC app mSecure5, logged in and chose restore.  I found the file and it loaded to mSecure 5 on my PC.  SO, information IS transferred on PC from windoes mSecure 3.5.6 to windows mSecure app  

My iPhone 12pro will not sync with PC.  Do I have to buy the pro version to sync even over wifi?  I see there is a deal on line for $19.99 vs. $29.99.  If I buy the 19.99 deal on line via mSecure, will that also work for all my devices?  Thanks

Hi Mark,

It's great to hear you were able to get the data transferred on your PC! Now that you have the data in mSecure 5, you should have no problems syncing via Wi-Fi, and that will work throughout the trial period. When the trial period expires, then all forms of syncing stop.

For now, let's make sure you can get the syncing to work. Here is an article that should help, because I'm betting it has something to do with your network profile for Windows: WiFi syncing issues - Windows Specific

Should I buy the $19.99 version from mSecure on line and will that cover the PC and all devices? 

I'm wifi syncing now. Thank you Mike! 

Hi Mark,

No problem at all, and it's great to hear everything is working now! Purchasing a license from our website, or from the app stores too for that matter, will cover all devices signed in to your account. When you make the purchase, be sure that you enter the email address you are using for the account you are signed in to in your mSecure apps. If you use a different email address, a new account will be created and the license will be applied to it instead.

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