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Forgot password

Hello, Sorry to bother you with the some old question. I have forgot my password and been logged out on all my devices. So I can’t get into mSecure to change my password. I do have my QR code sent to me when originally set up my account. Is there anyway to retrieve my account with just the QR code?

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing here. The password for your account is one of the required pieces needed to unlock your account. The data in the QR code you have in your email is actually encrypted with your account's password, so unless you know the password, that code can't do its job.

It is possible to reset your mSecure account, but when doing that, all of the data stored in the account is lost. Are you in a place where you want to reset the account to gain access to it and start fresh, or are you still in the process of trying to save the data stored in the account?

Hey Mike, Unfortunately I’m going to have to reset my account and start fresh. So yes I’m ready to start over. I pretty much figured that was going to be the case. I have been using apples keychain for last couple days. The MSecure service is soooo much better. Can’t wait to use it agin. Thanks for your time.

No problem at all Jason, and I'm sorry to hear you have to start over. In order to reset your account, you can follow the instructions in this help article on our support site: Account Reset

After the reset, you will simply need to reinstall mSecure on any iOS, Android and Windows devices. For Mac, there are instructions as you go through the process on how to reset the app.

Were you able to get your account reset, and is everything working now?

I was unable to reset account. When I click on reset account link in the instructions on line it takes me to a blank page. I’ve tried on my iPhone, Mac book, and dell lap top all three devices are doing the same thing.

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately, we ran into a problem with our site yesterday, and I believe that is what caused the account reset process to not work for you. We have the main site up and running now, but there is still an issue with the account reset page. We hope to have this fixed soon, so please try again later in the afternoon and let me know if you still run into problems.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience with all this Jason, but we'll get everything fixed with your account ASAP.

I was able to get my account reset! Thanks for all the help and happy holidays!!

No problem at all Jason! Happy Holidays to you too!!

Hello, because of cold weather my hands were very dry yesterday so my fingerprint did not work well neither on phone nor on ipad but, after seevral trials finally succeded to open on ipad once. Unfortunately today I found that both my iphone and ipad touch id are disabled on msecure app and, as I do not remember my password, cannot access passwords inside the app. Is it possible to enable again access through touch ID please  so that I can use my data ? I have hundres of. Thanks foryour help and bet regards, Amedeo

Hi Amedeo,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm really sorry to hear about the situation you find yourself in here. I'm not sure what could have caused Touch ID to be disabled on your device, but we don't have any known bugs that cause this type of behavior. Did you by any chance go into your iOS Touch ID settings and change any of the fingerprint information?

Unfortunately, once mSecure asks you to enter your password manually, there is no way to bypass the password entry.

Regarding your password, is it possible you used number and/or special character substitution like typing $ for S or 3 for E. Hopefully this can aid you in finding the correct combination of characters for your password.


@Walter What do you mean? What are you saying "yes" to?

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