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Dates in Future & Resetting Not working

Help!  I'm getting dates in the future again on some records.  I've tried all of the reset/hard delete/tricks and tips that can be found in this knowledge base as well as the info that was emailed to me several years about how to fix.  None of these methods are working.  Please help!  

Using Android device and Windows laptop.

Same here.

I can't edit, erase or whatever.


I'm sorry for the late reply to this thread, and I'm sorry you are both running into this problem again. This has been a very nasty bug that's only affecting a small number of people, and we're still working on finding a solution for it. The good news is, if you are running the desktop version of mSecure, the fix is fairly simple since it has buld editing capabilities. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Disable syncing in mSecure's Preferences (Mac) and Settings (Windows)
  2. Find the sync settings, then disable the syncing altogether. This must be done in order to keep old, corrupted data from causing issues after everything is reset. If you can't turn off syncing, please stop here and let me know.
  3. Create a new backup using the instructions you'll find here: Creating a Backup in mSecure (this is just to be extra cautious)
  4. Delete the data.mssb sync file if using Dropbox or iCloud syncing. You can find that file in one of two folder locations depending on the sync feature you are using. For Dropbox: Dropbox/Apps/mSecure 5/userId/data.mssb. For iCloud: iCloud/mSecure/userId/data.mssb.
  5. Use the bulk editor to temporarily delete all of your records. You can do this by selecting all records using command+a (Mac) or ctrl+a (Windows), or you can manually select all records with your mouse, then click the delete button in the right column. To be clear, this is only a temporary deletion. In the next step you will open the "Deleted Items" filter and recover your records.
  6. Use the bulk editor to recover all of your records. You can do this by clicking on the "Deleted Items" filter in the left column, selecting all of the records, then click the restore button in the right column.

After you see all of your records restored from the temporary deletion on your computer, you will need to reinstall mSecure on your other devices. To be clear, you will NOT be reinstalling mSecure on the computer you performed the above steps on, which would delete your information. If you are using a Mac computer, stop here and let me know, because the reset process for that app can't be done with a simple reinstall.

After mSecure is reinstalled on your other devices (iOS, Android and/or Windows), go ahead and sign in to your account. If needed, you can reveal the QR code in the Account Settings of mSecure on your computer, which will make it easy to authenticate.

The last thing to do is enable syncing again, but only if you were successful in deleting the data.mssb file in your cloud account. If you were not able to delete that file in the steps above, do not turn on syncing, because it will simply sync in the bad modification dates again.

Once all your records have been restored, a new modified data will be set on each of them, so you should not see the issue again in the future.

Did this take care of the problem? 

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