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Change forgotten login password

How to change login password

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I dropped my phone in the bottom of the lake and had to purchase a new phone. Luckily, everything was downloaded in the cloud... but I'm unable to open my mSecure app, which I use by facial recognition.  After reading all of the questions and comments above, I'm guessing I'm out of luck??  When the app asks to back up information, where does it back it up to?  Am I really locked out of this app? 

Hi Evelyn,

I'm really sorry to hear about your phone situation. What you're dealing with here can be a little bit tricky depending on which version of mSecure you were running. The one thing that is similar between all of the versions on any platform, however, is that if you do not know the password for unlocking the app, there is no way to gain access to your data on a different device. When you install mSecure on a new device, the data that was stored internally on the phone's hardware, not in mSecure, that makes it possible to use Face ID is not transferred over to a new device. That is something Apple and Google have decided to do for the sake of security, and it's nothing 3rd party developers can change. In short, when moving to a new device, you have to know the password you use to unlock mSecure in order to set up Face ID on the new device.

There are ways we can try to retrieve your data, but in order to do so, I first need to know which version of mSecure you were running on the old device. I checked our server for an account using your "" email address, but I was unable to find one. I'm guessing this means you were running the older version of mSecure on your other device, because it didn't have an account system, so there was no email associated with that mSecure app. Do you remember if the mSecure app icon on that phone was bright blue or was it a very dark blue, like you would see in the mSecure page in the App Store?


I forgot the password but I'm able to fill it  using Iphone  Face ID.

When i try to change password  and  I fill in the new  one the app  crashes (ver. 5.7.2 on  iphone) 

What I can do ? If the Face ID dosen't work I lose all  .......

Thank you 

Hi Juri,

I'm not sure what would be causing the app to crash when changing your password. That isn't a known bug. As long as your password is getting auto-filled into the current password field, you should have no problems changing it. When you set the new password, can you try only using letters and number and see if that works? If that doesn't allow you to change it, please fully shut down your device for about 5 minutes, then turn it back on and try to change the password again. It could be that a phone restart will help.

I have been running msecure4 for years with no issues and have backups created.   I tried moving to msecure5 a while back, but could never get it to work.  Now that I have upgraded my ios to 14.6, msecure4 no longer works and I can't log into msecure5 because I can't get to my passwords.  Any way I can get help to figure out my password and then import my backup to msecure5?

Hi Linda,

This should be no problem at all. First, you will need to delete the mSecure 5 app from your iOS device (do NOT delete mSecure 4). After it's deleted, follow the instructions here to reset your mSecure 5 account: Account Reset

After the reset is complete, install mSecure 5 again, and then sign in to the account using the new password you created during the account reset. During the sign in process, you will be asked if you would like to migrate your data in from mSecure 4.

Hi Mike! Sorry for the delay in answering you. I attach a picture of my current background. And I don’t have the app in other devices.

@Gloria Thank you for the screenshot and no problem in the delayed response! This should be no problem at all to fix. First, you'll need to delete mSecure 5 from your iOS device, and then follow the account reset instructions you'll find here: Account Reset

After the account is reset, you can install mSecure from the App Store, and then you can sign in to your account with the email for your account and the new password you set.

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