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My fingerprint ID option is not coming up anymore

Hi Christine,

I believe I answered you in the other thread with this same topic, but if not, here is the same answer.

I'm not sure how the fingerprint access would have stopped working all of a sudden. Unfortunately, this is one of the drawbacks to using the biometric authentication, since if something happens and it becomes disabled, then the only way to unlock the app is by manually entering your password. Due to the security of the app, there is no way to bypass manually entering your password after mSecure prompts you to enter it.

Fingerprint access stopped - got it back on phone  but when computer asked a second time for pw it refuses it. could the pw be different for unlocking? if so how do i recall it?

@Carolyn I'm not sure what you mean here when you say the fingerprint access stopped, but then you got it back. Can you explain that in more detail? It's possible you don't have a license on your account, and that would be why you are seeing the Touch ID feature stop working. Regarding the password on your computer, the only way you can have different passwords in your different mSecure apps if you are signed in to different accounts. If you are signed in to the same account, the password has to be the same.

I'm going to have to ask you for the email address on your account. Is that something you are comfortable displaying here in the forum, or do you want to move over to email support instead?

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