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Fingerprint login

I had fingerprint login , now it is asking me for my password. I dont remember my password since I've been using fingerprint. How can i get it to go back to asking for fingerprint login? I'm on android 10

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Hi George,

Thank you for contacting us. Can you let me know if you are using the old or new mSecure app? When you tap on the app icon, is it a bright blue or is it a very dark blue background behind the key?

Hi Mike,

I have the same issue, fingerprint feature not accessible to login, and cannot recall the password.

I have Android 7.0 and using the very dark blue mSecure PRO app

How can this be solved, to have access via fingerprint or recover the password without losing all the data?

Thank you,


Same here, I can’t access my fingerprint ID, and have forgotten my password, please help.

Hi Dacian and Christine,

I'm not sure how the fingerprint access would have stopped working all of a sudden. Unfortunately, this is one of the drawbacks to using the biometric authentication, since if something happens and it becomes disabled, then the only way to unlock the app is by manually entering your password. Due to the security of the app, there is no way to bypass manually entering your password after mSecure prompts you to enter it.

Same issue suddenly fingerprint desapear and ask for password......

Not really helpful after the fact but I have noticed if you make any change to the security on your phone (iPhone anyway) such as adding a fingerprint then touch is disabled for the mSecure app and you need your password to log back on - even though you have made no change to the security in the app itself.

The bottom line is that touch login is brilliant - very quick and useful - but never lose your password.

Thank you again for your feedback Andy! Here's little more feedback about the nuances of biometric features (same for both iOS and Android).

The authentication information for mSecure (and any other 3rd party app) is stored in the OS's secure storage build for biometric authentication. Whenever the user's biometric information is altered, like when a face or fingerprint is added or removed from the OS's settings, ALL of the authentication data in the device's secure storage is completely wiped out which causes the biometric unlock feature to be disabled for mSecure.

The reason for this feature is to keep thieves from bypassing the security of your installed apps. If this feature didn't exist, then anyone could get hold of your device, add a new face or fingerprint in the device's settings, then they would be able to open and unlock mSecure and any other app you gave permission to unlock via biometric authentication.

I have the same problem after the renew subscription.

@Joseph Thank you for contacting us. Can you provide more information on what's happening here? There are quite a few different ways in which customers experience issues with the biometric unlock feature. For example, they purchase a new device, and then they can't use their fingerprint or face to unlock mSecure, which is correct behavior but can be confusing. Another example is when someone changes the fingerprint information for the device in iOS's Settings. In that case, Touch ID is disabled for the sake of security, which is also correct behavior.

What exactly is happening on your device? Do you have access to mSecure on at least one of your devices?

if you are using iOS, go to Settings->Passwords->Password Options->then CHECK Allow Filling From: mSecure

@Grace Was this response in regards to a previous question about getting access to mSecure? In this case, the option in iOS Settings is about auto-filling data and not getting access to an mSecure account. I do thank you for your input and help, but I want to make sure it's addressing the right problem =)

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