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Autofill and password storage


1. So far autofill and autoligin do not work even though I added URL lind, user names and password. 

2. When I add user name and password fields in Insurance, banks etc I cannot store those filed. Red delete option is always visible. Cannot clear  it. Thanks   

Hi Edward,

I'm not sure I understand your issues here. However, they seem to be related since our autofill feature will not work without the required login field types (URL, Username, and Password field types) and you aren't able to set up custom fields. 

To add a custom field in mSecure 5 on iOS, you a have to ensure that you add a title or label to the field and add field information as well. If custom fields are not being saved, it would seem that you are only adding a label or title to your fields and not including any field data:

You can learn more about our custom field and how to use them here:

You can also always edit your record types to include any fields needed by default. To do that, navigate to the "Edit Types" settings section and edit the type of record you are wanting to use as a login record to include the required fields. Lastly, I would recommend perhaps simply using our Login record type for your login records to make things easier for you here. 

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