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Multiple Group Assignment for a Single Record

Is there a way to have a single login record assigned to multiple groups?   Let's say I have medical insurance login account that I want to associalted with Insurance and Employer Groups.  Is there a way to have single record associated with multiple groups/tags? 

This has long been an open request - it was recently reported as "Improved Groups ability and(or) tagging system - Down the road".

Perhaps if mSecure sees the demand they will move down the road a little faster.

Hi Thomas and Andy,

Currently, only a single group can be assigned to a record. Unfortunately, this seems to basic for lots of customers so we've decided to implement a full tagging system in mSecure with our next major release. This change will see our "Groups" options disappear. In its place will be the ability to tag your records with as many tags as you would like. You will be able to use the same tags on all records and we will provide easy ways to filter by tags as well. 

Note: existing groups will be automatically converted to tags on records when this change is implemented.

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