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Install Location in Windows 10

I would like to know where the program is installed in Windows 10. I cannot find the folder or executable anywhere. I would like to have a shortcut in my Quick Launch toolbar but Windows 10 only allows a shortcut to be placed on the Start menu or the Taskbar. The shortcut for mSecure 5.5 does not have a properties menu item.

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Hi Paul,

mSecure 5 is a UWP app. It has no executable file. To create a shortcut, find the app icon in the Start menu, click and hold the icon, and drag the icon to the desktop or whichever folder you would like to use.


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Thanks. I finally found how to create the stortcut in one of the articles in the support section. BTW, the search function (the magnifying glass icon) on the main support page: does not work in Chrome. It does work in Firefox. I have tried in a number of times over the course of three days and the search box never appears when the icon is clicked.

Hi Paul,

I'm glad you figured it out. About the support website issue, I'm using Chrome on both Mac and Windows and have no issues using the search icon on the top right. However, please note that the homepage also includes a big search area as well: 

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