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Windows 10: Where on my hard drive is the data file stored for mSecure 5.5

On Windows what data file does mSecure 5 store the data in?
On mSecure 3 I can find the .mscw file, but I can’t find one for mSecure 5.

I like to be able to backup that file with my backup system.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for contacting us. The mSecure 5 data files are stored in this directory:


You should be able to easily find the folder by searching for 


However, this app data will not help you recover your mSecure information. I would recommend setting up our auto-backups feature instead.

  1. Open and unlock mSecure 5
  2. Click the settings icon
  3. Click Backups
  4. Enable the Auto-Backup toggle and select the directory that you would like to save your auto-backups to

Auto backups are created after every 5 changes in your database. These backup files are .msib backup files that can be used to restore your information in mSecure 5 on all devices. Additionally, you can always go to the Backups section in our settings an create a manual backup at any time you would like. Manual backups can be created as often as you would like and will always ask you were you'd like to save the backup file to.

Are the backup files encrypted with a password?

If someone gets the file without my password will they be able to restore it?

Hi Dave,

All backup files are encrypted with the account password in use when the backup file was created. In order to restore from it, you'd need to use mSecure and know the backup's password.

Thanks Eden,

I created a backup and was able to restore it without entering the password.  Is that because I am already logged into mSecure?


mSecure will first try to use the account password to decrypt the backup file. If the account password does not work to decrypt the backup file, it will ask for the back up file's password.


One last question.

I don't want my data in the cloud.

If I select Wifi sync does that prevent it from going to the cloud?

Is there anything else I need to do?


The only options that save information to the cloud are the cloud options (mSecure Cloud, Dropbox, and iCloud). If you select WiFi syncing, you will not be saving any of your record's in any cloud service nor passing any of those records to any cloud service. 

Note: no matter what sync feature you use you will be storing account information in our servers. This account information includes licensing information and sync options for your account.

I have a related question.  Can I point msecure5 to a shared folder (on a local SAN)?  I have it being auto-backed up there, but I'd like the data to be there as well.



Hi Suresh,

The only way you can point mSecure to backup into specific folders is if you are running a PC. If you are on any other platform, the backups are only saved in the folder hardcoded into the app. I don't think you should have a problem pointing to the a shared folder in Windows, but if you are, please let me know, and I'll look into it.

OK thanks, Mike.  I would think that this is a common scenario.  My wife and I share an account and have common passwords.  So we'd like to store the file (database) on a shared drive (SAN) so we can each see the other's updates without having to "Backup now" and restore.  And yes, we are running Windows.


Are you actually sharing the same mSecure database or do you have separate and different databases but occasionally want to view the other person's passwords?

If you share the same database and master password why don't you set up one Windows computer as the master in a mSecure wifi  synching setup - that way you will have separate copies but you will be able to synchronize them every time you are both logged on.

Sharing the same database on common storage is going to be tricky - although perhaps Mike knows a way to do it.

Thank you for the extra information Suresh. Andy has some good feedback here. If all you were doing is making backups for data safety, then it should not be a problem to point to a shared folder. However, if you are trying to view each other's data, there's more to talk about here.

I'm assuming you and your wife have different sets of data, so you don't want to do a full share of everything like Andy is suggesting. However, if I'm incorrect in that assumption, let me know. If you are ok sharing all of your information with each other, then Andy's suggestion is the right way to go.

I'll wait to hear back with more details, and then we'll continue the discussion.

Thanks, Andy and Mike - good discussion.  I guess this is not as common a scenario as I thought.  My wife and I both want to have a fully shared DB, so if she adds an entry I see it the next time.

I will explore the Wifi sync option, but we currently just yell across the room when we add an entry and hit Backup Now!  The other person then does a restore from the shared backup folder.  Just a bit more manual than I would like.


Your description of the manual process you have with your wife made me laugh =)  Since you both just want to share the exact same data, you can set up syncing, and things will be much better!

You have a few different options for keeping your data in sync. One is the Wi-Fi option that Andy mentioned. You could also use mSecure Cloud syncing, which would be the simplest way to go. With Wi-Fi syncing, all your mSecure apps have to communicate with one mSecure app set up on a desktop computer and designated as the server. All apps have to be open and unlocked in order for the sync to take place, which it will do automatically. With mSecure Cloud, Dropbox and iCloud syncing, you never have to have more than one mSecure app open at a time in order to keep your information in sync. You simply make changes as you go, and the data syncs seamlessly in the background.

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