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Changed Phones and after one access, I cannot use it anymore

I have recently changed phones and copied all my data across.  FaceID did not work, and my first attempt on the password did not, however, I tried again assuming I had made a spelling mistake and sure enough I had made a mistake and got in.  All data was in tact, but the account showed as a trail, yet I have the pro version. 

I then needed to access my information later in the day and could no longer get in.  The password I used in the morning to get in was no longer working.  Before swapping phones I did a backup of the data to iCloud and I have the QR code, what can I do to recover my information?  Is there anything I can do to check my information is secure?

Hi Michael,

Ok, that makes sense. We are still left with the mystery of your data showing up on your new phone, though. Real quick, were you able to check which app is showing you your data? Is it the app with the dark blue or royal blue icon, or are both showing you your data?

Hi Mike,

It is the dark icon, I no longer have the lighter iconed app on the phone.

Hi Michael,

I think all you need to do now is purchase a Pro license for mSecure 5. If you were to do that, I would go to our website - - and click "ON SALE FOR $19.99" in the top right of the site. That will get you the license for 33% off.

Be sure to enter the same email address you are using for your mSecure 5 account. If you don't, a new account will be created, and the license will be applied to it, which always creates a lot of confusion.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for that I will give that a go.

Thanks for your support

No problem at all Michael! Let me know should you need further assistance.

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