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IOS 4.5.4


I've bought mSecure 4.5.4 a few years ago.  I still have it and use it on my phone. I have checked the apple store and it looks like this app is not listed there anymore. Is that correct? Does it mean that when I will change my phone, I will loose the app? Can I migrate to new app for free?

great thanks,  ok  I got the V5 on one of my macs and it is working fine there as well as on my IOS but on my second mac it will not recognize the password, any thoughts? when I opened the v5 the first time it did not ask for email.

Hi Jeffrey,

It sounds like mSecure on your second Mac was already signed in to an account, which is no problem at all. What we need to do is get mSecure reset on that device, then you can sign in to your account again and everything should be good.

To reset mSecure on your second Mac, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open mSecure 5
  2. Click Help in the menu bar in the top left of your screen, hold down the "option" key on your keyboard, and you should see two hidden options appear in the drop down menu
  3. Click "Show Data File in Finder", and a Finder window should appear showing your mSecure database file - mSecure.mscb
  4. Close mSecure
  5. Move the mSecure.mscb file to the trash

Now you have reset the Mac app, and you're ready to sign back in to your account:

  1. Reopen mSecure on your Mac
  2. Skip the welcome screens to go directly to the Sign Up / Sign In screen
  3. Click "Sign In"
  4. Enter the same email and password you used to sign in to mSecure on your other devices

Did that take care of the problem?

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