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Beta for MSecure 6

I am very interested in the new version of msecure. I read also somewhere, that it is possible, to be registered in a list for a beta version. If it's possible, please sign me in there.

Thank you very much, have a merry christmas, a good start in 2021 and stay healthy.

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Hi Hartmut,

Thank you for contacting us! I will get you added to the beta tester list for v6. In order to do that, can you email our support at ""? I'm keeping track of our beta testers in our email support system, and before the end of the year, I'm going to be sending out an update on the progress we're making towards the first beta release. We were hoping to have it ready in November, but there have been a lot issues arise in testing and we also decided to do a lot more polishing in the app before the beta is released.

After we have you email, we'll get you added to the beta tester list, and you should be hearing from me soon.

I am in the beta test and have the Mac version loaded on my MacBook and use it daily.  My question is: has the IOS version been released?  I have the TestFlight app loaded but have not received a redeem code.  Have I missed something?

Hi Michael,

I'm not sure what's happening here, but I have had you on the TestFlight beta list for some time now, so you should have received an invite via email. I just manually resent an invite from our TestFlight portal. Did you receive it? Be sure to check in your spam folder, because it could end up there. After you have the invite, you should be able to install v6 on all your iOS devices.


Thank you very much!  I now have it installed on my IOS devices.

I am anxious to use it on these devices also.

Thanks again

No problem at all Michael...looking forward to your feedback!

Hi Mike, Hope you are well. I was interested to test the beta of mSecure 6, please let me know what information you might need.

@George To become a part of the beta testing team, go ahead and email me at

How do I  install the extensions for Safari and Google Chrome?

Thanks very much

@Michael There is no Browser Extension for Safari, but there is one for Chrome, and only in v6. Are you one of our beta testers, or are you asking about this for mSecure 5?

@Mike,  yes I am a mSecure 6 beta tester.   Could I get information on where to get the Chrome Browser Extension?  I should have been more clear in my request.  Sorry. 

That's no problem Michael. When you sent in your information after receiving the first beta email announcement, did you send me your email address for the various platforms? If so, I would suspect you sent me your gmail address you could use for signing in to the Chrome Web Store. That store is where you download the browser extension. If you haven't given me a gmail address that you use for the Chrome Web Store, go ahead and get that to me, and I'll add you as a tester for it.

Mike,  Thank you for the quick response.  I sent you an email address for the IOS but failed to send you a gmail address.

Thanks again.

Hi Michael,

I just sent you an email, so I think this is all taken care of now.


Thank you very much.  I received your email and have installed it.

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