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Sync Issues with iPhones

Recently I have been unable to sync MSecure on either of my iPhones with Msecure on my iMac (running Os X 10.11.6). Previously this has not been an issue. All my iPads will sync without problems but neither my iPhone8+ nor 7+ will sync. Both Iphones recognize the connection to the iMac but sync fails and times out.

The iMac is running MSecure 3.5.7 and all iPhones and iPads are running the same operating system (IoS 11.2.6) and MSecure version(4.5.4).

Can you help

2 people have this problem

Hi Andrew, 

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. Which sync feature are you trying to use here? Have you set up the sync feature in mSecure on all of your devices? Please note that mSecure 5 will not sync with the previous versions.

Trying to sync via WiFi. All devices are on the same network. Not using MSecure 5. All IOS devices are on MSecure 4.5.4 but only iPads will sync. IMac is on MSecure 3.5.7

I added the mSecure 5 note just in case. My first recommendation would be to simply restart your router and your devices to see if that fixes any networking issues you might be experiencing.

hi i have the same problem syncing my iphone and android tablet with my pc

Has always worked in the past

Any advice


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