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Issue with FaceID and Sync

Using 5.5.2 on an iPhone X.  FaceID stopped working today after not registering my face a couple times.  Had to enter my password to access.  Once in, there was no menu choice to re-enable FaceID.  Out of desperation, I deleted and reinstalled 5.5.2 from the Apple App Store.  Got FaceID working, but then it stop syncing and there were zero records to view.  Deleted and reinstalled two more times (rebooting prior to the last install).  Finally got it to re-sync with FaceID.  Should I be worried that someone has hacked into my phone?  Or is this just some obscure bug?

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Hi Glen,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it does not sound like any hacking is taking place. There seemed to be an issue with mSecure 5, your iPhone x, Face ID, or a combination of the three. However, I'm glad you were able to fix your issue here.

Thanks Eden.  Yeah, weird bug.  Will let you know if I run into it again.

My problem is similar but it won’t accept my password as well as Face ID. I’m afraid of deleting and reinstalling for fear of losing all data. Also, when I hit the forgot password I never received the email to reset. It has been working well until last night.

fingerprint ID stopped working.  Will I be locked out after a given number of unsuccessful attempts?


Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear the password you are entering is not working. I'm not sure exactly why the fingerprint unlock is not working, but it could be that the OS or app was updated recently which sometimes disables the fingerprint unlock feature. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn that feature back on unless the app is unlocked first.

In order for the information stored in mSecure to be as secure as possible, mSeven Software doesn't acquire our customer's password or the data stored in mSecure, so there is no way for us to retrieve the password or your information. Also, in order to keep your information from being accessed without your permission, it is not possible to bypass or change the password when mSecure is not accepting the password being entered. The only thing we can do here is reset the app, but that means all of the data stored in it will be lost. I'm really sorry I don't have better news here.

For some of our customers, they forget at least one of the substitution characters they used to make their password stronger, like 3 for E, $ for S, and so on. Is it possible you are missing one of those substitutions or possibly transposing a couple of the characters in the password

Currently we have two options. The first is to keep trying to remember the password and see if anything you remember will let you into mSecure. The second option would be to reset your account and create a new account password (this is for mSecure 5 only):

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