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I cannot log into Windows 10 Desktop app


I have Msecure 6 installed on my Android phone and my Windows 10 Desktop. I can log in on my phones using biometrics, but cannot log into the PC desktop uing my password. Please help - I use Msecure all the time and it is a real inconvieneceto have to do everything off of my phone while sitting at my computer.



Hi James,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. When you say you can sign in using biometrics on your phone, are you also saying that you can't sign in by manually entering your password on your phone? Please open mSecure on your Phone, and when you're asked to authenticate using biometrics, cancel the process. Now tap into the password field and enter what you believe is your password manually using your devices keyboard.

Were you able to unlock mSecure manually? If you can't, you'll just need to change your password in the Android app, and I can help with that next.

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