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MSecure will not open or sync on my lap top.

I sync my iPhone MSecure with my windows version on my laptop. I recently updated my email address on my phone version of MSecure account. I failed to update the windows version to the same new email address. How do I update the widows version so it will open and sync

Hi Roby,

Thank you for contacting us. If mSecure apps on different devices are signed in to the same account, the change of the username on one device will be synced over to the app on other devices. It sounds like you have two accounts here. Real quick, can you let me know the two emails you see in the Account Settings of mSecure on both devices?

I solved my problem by deleting msecure from my computer and then reinstalling it. I may have two accounts, although not on purpose. The one that I want to keep is I am doing my best to migrate away from What next?

Hi Roby,

Thank you for the update on your situation. Are you now signed in to your "" account on your laptop, and if so, do you see all your information in mSecure on that device?

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