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I can't download on my Windows 10 computer

I can't download mSecure 6 on my windows 10 computer

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Hi Bob,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. What happens when you try to download mSecure from the Microsoft Store app? Do you see any error messages?

I am having the same problem also.  I already subscribe to mSecure and I was going to load it onto a new Windows 10 laptop that I got.  When I goto the Windows app store the install button is grayed out and there is also a blue check on the left that says "You own this app".  Please help.

@Robert I'm not sure what's happening here. As longer as you are running Windows 10, version 1803, build 17134, you should have no problems downloading mSecure from the Store app on your PC. You can find the version and build number in the Windows Settings on your PC. Can you tell me what version and build number your computer is running?

I have mSecure6 on my android.  I cannot download mSecure on to my PC Laptop.   On the mSecure website, that appears when you ask for a download,  there is no download button.  Here is the download page:

Walter Wells

@Walter The link you provided is the link that should take you to the mSecure page in the Microsoft Store app. Have you tried simply opening the Store app on your PC and searching for mSecure? That should take you to the page where you can download the app.

I'm on an older version of Win10 version 1607. Microsoft store seem to only let me download the older version of mSecure 3.5.4, which does not sync with the latest data I have on the system. Is there a way I get version 6 as I bring up my older computer? Thanks.

@Phillip Unfortunately, in order to download mSecure 6, you have to be running Windows 10 build 1803. The only way to download the app is from the Microsoft Store, and that's the lowest OS build supported. However, it should be noted that even if we did have a .exe you could download from our site, it would still require Windows 10 build 1803 in order to run on the device. The reason for that is we have features in the app that require Windows API's only included in build 1803. If those API's were included in older Windows builds, mSecure would be able to be installed on machines running older Windows 10 builds.

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