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Do I have a family account?

I bought a mSecure account quite some time ago. I want to make use of the family plan but I am not quite sure how to access it while maintaining my current account. I have a 12 yo daughter who needs to start saving her passwords.

Hi Tracey,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, at this time, mSecure doesn't have a family plan, but one is coming soon in the 6.1 release we're working on now. The problem is, the Family Subscription Plan will be an upgrade to the Premium plan you have now. Also, the plan will cost $4.99/month when it's purchased as a yearly renewal, so there are no savings until there are 3 family members needing to have access to mSecure.

So there are a couple of options here, but I'm not sure how the upgrade is going to work for subscriptions purchased from the iTunes App Store. You can wait until the 6.1 release is out, then move up to a mSecure Family Plan, or you could sign up your daughter's account to either an Essentials or Premium plan. The Essentials plan would save some money, and the Premium plan would allow you both to share records between accounts. How do you want to proceed?

Dear Mike,

I would like to ask how I can switch from Premium to Family subscription without losing my annual fee paid on Apr 01, 2023. Is it possible to upgrade or get some special discount on the Family benefits?

Thanks in advance for your reply


Hi Andras,

Thank you for contacting us. Since you purchased your subscription from our website, it's no problem at all to upgrade it to a Family plan. If I upgrade your Premium subscription to a yearly Family plan, the system tells me, "Customer will be billed HUF 13,533.17 on Apr 8, 2023 and HUF 26,761.35 every 1 year after."

Do you want me to go ahead and upgrade your subscription?

Thank you for your quick reply Mike,

I will wait a little longer, because for me, besides the Family subscription, the following are also very important: (1) EDGE-browser integration (add-on), (2) MFA (Auto-Fill OTP Fields), (3) access to the database via web browser, (4) the possibility to reveal sensitive data by pressing a key combination while holding it

By the way, since we're in correspondence, let me point out that this page is broken!

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No problem at all Andras. The first three features you're looking for are all related to the browser extensions, but I did have a question about your third request. When you say you're waiting for access to the database via your web browser, are you talking about being able to sign in to your account in a browser and then view all your information as you would view it in the mSecure app? If you are, we don't have plans for implementing that type of functionality due to the inherent security issues that opens up. At some point in the future, we may implement this type of feature, but we would need to have a full development team responsible for making sure it's secure and closed off to all nefarious online activity hackers are known for.

Also, your fourth request I haven't heard before. Can you explain this functionality in more detail? Currently, in order to reveal sensitive data, you simply click/tap the eye icon to the right of the field holding the hidden information you need. Are you saying you want a shortcut to revealing the hidden information in a field? If so, how are you hoping that will happen?

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